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610 parts before scrap metal


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well i'm not picky. i just need someone to step up to bat and offer something for it.. i've even willing to trade if it comes down to it.. but if nobody makes a full fledged offer by friday.. come monday this little gem will be headed to get chopped up and any chance of finding the parts for a project 610 will become that much smaller... i dont really have the time to part out and sell each piece one by one.. so if someone wants it they are going to have to take the whole car.

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I hate to hear that this could become scrap. If this were a sedan, I may not be able to turn it down...


Right now, I hope someone can give this car a good home. Looking forward to a happy ending for this one.

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the gas tank I was told was like 2 gallons bigger and possibly more

almost 4 gallons larger...The 610 has a 55 liter tank versus the 45 liter tank found on a 510

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Yep this car is solid, and we all know if it was a 510 it would be in my yard right now. Rockers look good, trunk lid, hood, doors, roof all look good. But the fenders and bumpers are the problem areas. Some of the dash is missing. Still for the price you can go wrong. This car and Jeremy's would make one complete sweet car. Or just get your hammer and dollys out

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If anyone needs parts from this, please let me know, I am NOT going to use

the complete car, just Wagon specific stuff. Everything else I'm will to get rid

of for an extremely LOW price. I want to make sure this car is available to


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