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Front Coil-Over issues

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I'm having some issues with the drivers side, front coil-over and I'm all out of ideas. The collar that the spring sits on will not budge. The set screw that keeps the collar locked down would not loosen at all. So naturally after messing up two allen wrenches, I put some heat on it...with no luck. Still wouldn't loosen. So....begrudgingly I I came to decision that I'll drill it out and re-tap it. Well...this hasn't worked either. Using a cutting liquid and a couple of drill bits has gotten me maybe half way through the screw, and won't go any further. I told my story to the local hardware store guy, and he recommended one of those reverse bits used for stripped or broken screws. I thought...perfect! Well...it hasn't done shit.


I'm all out of ideas. I don't want to have to remove the whole assembly if I don't have too. Does anybody have any suggestions that doesn't require a tear-down?

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Dude....right on! It is a aluminum collar, but not split. And the set screw is (was) most definitely steel. I guess I'm going to cut the collar off and order a split collar to replace it with. I very much appreciate the insight! :thumbup:


Any suggestions or recommendations on a split collar set-up?

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I use shaft collars at work all the time, the set screw ones move the split onrs dont, and the split,ones have a,load rating twice that of set screw type of the same size. the,set screw ones arnt fragile, they only apply clamping force on a small portion of the shaft though. the clamp on split type are alot easier to use, remove and reuse. it is,just my opinion but an opinion ive made from everyday use on winches for stage rigging where the saftey concerne is verry high

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Get the kind with cap screws, not set screws. They are double the holding power



2" Collar (50.8 mm): For most Datsuns (including 280ZX and B310)

2" bore

3" O.D

11/16 inch thick.

Weight Aluminum: 4.4 oz

Weight Steel: 11.0 oz

Price: About $15 USD for steel,about $30 for alum

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