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620 Truck Brand New Front Valance and Grill NOS

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I have some NOS 620 parts for sale.

The guy I got them from bought them years ago and then sold the truck without restoring it and recently found them in his storage. They were stored in a clean, dry storage.


I don't think that they are OEM stuff but they are brand new, never mounted parts.




One front lower valance and one grill.Grill has a small piece that has cracked and will need to be repaired. see pics.








$50 each plus shipping.


The parts are in Maryland (suburbs of Washington, DC)


I am willing to ship at your expense. Local pickup is preferred.


As per Ratsun rules, please do not post negative comments in this thread. Thanks!

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That front valance looks strange. Ive never taken mine off but I dont think it would look like that, is this for certain a 620 valance?



I am not sure. All the other parts were definitely for a 620 that I got with these.


Anybody know for sure?

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that valence is for 720 YO!!


If that is the case, they must have sent him the wrong one with his 620 parts order and he never opened it to see it was wrong.


I will change my ad.





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