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Brian D's 521 Build

Brian D

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Well I think it is finally time to start a build thread on this one since I have started to get shit done. I have it all figured out on what I am going to do. About two weeks ago i got upper and lower control arms from beebani. I am doing the 720 suspension with hardbody 2" drop spindles and air bags. In the rear will be a triangulated 4 link with bags on axle. All of my parts will be here on thursday so I pulled the bed off today(with the help of my wife of coarse). I am exited and have the motivation to do it. I am also in the process of Builing the LZ 2.2L for it. I will update as progress continues.




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I finally got the motivation to go out to the shop and get some shit done. I got the upper and lower control arms mounted and I am waiting to get my friends plasma cutter to notch for the bags in the front. I got the 2x3 box welded in for the stock floor body drop. now that i have the frame fliped over I can box and gusset the bottom and move on to building the tranny crossmember and the crossmember for the driveline and the rear 4 link.











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Got the frame flipped over and started boxing in the bottom of the rails yesterday. One side done hopefully I can get the other done in the next couple of days. I used 2x3 box steel with 3/16 side wall for the frame rails. I was able to lay it on it's side. This way I will be able to keep my stock floor height minus the hump for the drive line which will be a little bit taller.


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