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WTB/WTT 83-84 720 Bed

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I am looking for what I believe is an 83 or 84 720 bed. It can be long or standard, from a king cab or single. I need the bed style to be the old style (thin walled and not smooth like the hard body style) and I need the lights to be on the bed sides (not like the early 720s that have them on the bottom of the bed)





(the pictures are from fellow Ratsuners rides)


If you have one you would like to sell or trade or give let me know. I am going to either cut the lights off and weld them on to my 82 bed when I bob it, or take the new bed and bob it and use it on mine



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you will have issues using a king cab bed. the wheel wells sit further forward, so it wont fit right on your truck. If you move it back, then there will be a big distance from the cab to the bed...


Long bed with long bed, short bed with short, and std with std. (lol) IIRC, anyways.


my kc


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well i think Im going to cut the last 6" off of any of those beds, for the light assembly and cut about 16" off of my bed and weld the new light setup onto my shortened bed. Unless I got a perfect fitting newer bed

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