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1200 Exhaust Manifold

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Does anyone have pics of an exhaust manifold from an A12? I have a manifold in my 320 (on an A12 motor) that has the ehaust / intake manifold interface and a single outlet. I could have sworn that the stock 1200 manifold had two outlets and did not connect to the intake in any way.


Am I wrong?


If I am right, does anyone have a manifold they would sell me?

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I have this Datsun 1200 manifold which I am willing to sell


Make me an offer. I have been offered $450 for it, the racers are buying them for $400 to $600 where class rules do not allow headers.


Wow, I had no idea they were worth that much. I don't doubt it though. Are they IT legal?


I can build myself a stainless header for that much...or less.



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Never seen one in the junkyard. Plenty of other Datsuns, but never for A-series engines.


I'm with Dave. Seen plenty for the early 70s L-series, but fairly sure no US-market A-series got one of these.


If you can find a bunch of them in the salvage yard, you should be buying them. :blink:

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I once had an A15 dual outlet manifold, but I sold it.


Might be the rarest of A-series parts.


I kept a photo of it taken in my driveway



I hate getting rid of stuff like that. I had a set of carbs that were from the BRE 510 team. I was told they were on the #35 car. I also had a NOS finned aluminum 7qt oil pan with the P/N sticker still on it. It breaks my heart...


So if I'm hearing you guys correctly, they were mostly (all) Japanese domestic parts?

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