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Car Hauler, single or double

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Seems like I've found a pretty good deal. Just wanted to know what some opinions are about going with a smaller single axle trailer. I know the single would be lighter weight, and easier to maneuver but being only 15' would limit what I can tow. It has a 3500# axle. I'm stuck with a minivan for awhile so smaller the better. I could still rent the uhaul when needed. I've got to many projects these days and need something to get them from place to place. I've seen a couple of pictures on here where members had a single axle, are you happy with it for hauling small cars?

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I say go with a tow dolly instead if using a van, just my 2 cents. I've pulled more cars with a 18' double axle with electric brakes and it really has come in handy. The weird thing is, I like the way a tow dolly feels better behind a vehicle and less weight. I guess it is really up to the person and there driving skills :P




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Yeah I dont dig single wheel trailers for anything. if you have a blow out its ALL over the road, as if its the tandem trailer you have a blowout its not as dangerous. but if your tow rig can't pull something like that, than I would find another safe way to haul a rig


just my .02

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I'd have to agree with Sinnful. One of the scariest moments in my life was when my 5'x8' single axle trailer came off the hitch (no pun intended) and started to aggressively sway the rear of my old F350 Dually. Never would I have thought such a little trailer would have that violent of an effect on the 6700 lb beast. Here's a video of what could have happened....




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Thanks for the opinion's, I'm a maintenance and safety fanatic. Comes from my years in the hitch and trailer business. I would still like to hear from someone who tow's using a single axle trailer.

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A good friend has a single axle tilt bed car trailer it worked great for his vw obsession but when he moved on to toyota trucks it was nothing but a nightmare. One night hauling a 2000 tacoma double cab on 36" tires he had a blow out (go figure). Some seriously scary shit. Damn near lost the whole truck. On top of that it wasn't long enough to do a proper tie down so the suspension wasn't pre loaded which made the load top heavy and awkward.


Get the dual axle, you wont regret it. Especially when you make that 2 ton scrap yard load.

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Some folks think a single axle is easier to maneuver, but then try backing up...


While they don't fit in smaller places, longer trailers are easier to back up as long as you have room. They don't jackknife nearly as easy.


A 3500# axle on a trailer... the trailer alone still weighs between 1000-1500# leaving you with 2000-2500 payload. That's pushing it for even a 510 unless it's just a stripped shell.


Tow dollies are OK, but in most areas you have to have the towed vehicle registered (because some wheels are on the ground).


But if you just have a minivan, I guess it depends on the minivan. If it's a Honda Odyssey, forget about it. I wouldn't tow a motorcycle trailer with one of those. Any FWD minivan, really, though a later Caravan/Chrysler TC would be better. Your profile says you have a F150... why not that?


That being said, I've towed my Tandem (10K gross, 8K payload capacity. Twin 5K axles) with my folks 2WD Durango. I wouldn't tow it with anything less. My Tandem is a bit heavy though, as it's not a "car hauler" so much as a "light" equipment hauler.

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Minivan = unibody contruction, check your max towing rate. You might check out another country rate though, they tend to be higher (realistic high)(for instance VW Jetta in USA is not rated to tow anything, in Canada 1000lbs, and in Germany 3500lbs). My moms Unibody SUV can only tow 3600lbs.

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