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Can't Be

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OK so I won't be able to make it to canby.


So this is the Can't-be. For those who can't be there. It's going to be Sunday the 12th.



It also happens to be my girlfriends birthday, so we are going to be having a BBQ anyway. This is a great opportunity for me to meet some of you, so the more the merrier!


I have two very long drive ways, and a carport big enough to work on 3 dattos at once, plus a huge front yard which can also be a parking lot. BYOB and a tent if you want to crash there. I mean I have a HUGE front yard and very large backyard as well. This is going to be an all day and possibly all night event, but don't worry, there will be plenty of food and as stated bring a tent and you are more than welcome to spend the night!


The address is 5849 1/2 Rest PL, Illahee, Wa 98310. Google maps has me listed as 5849, I live on a huge lot and share the same technical address as my neighbor.


For those of you who don't know this is in East Bremerton.


PM me if you are planning on staying the night to reserve tent space!

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Well normally I could take off whenever I want. However I'm a piercer, and there is an APP convention in vegas I will be at all week, I get back the day before canby, and I'm scheduled to work that day to relieve the guy who is covering me all week. I took sunday off a way long time ago.


So when I asked my awesome girlfriend about having our own Datsun meet in the front yard on her birthday, she was thrilled :D

The BBQ was her idea.


Call in sick the night before... Tell em your puking out one end and shitting out the other non stop.

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I was set to come up from So Cal, but with car trailer rental, hotels, and gas prices the way they are, (not to mention food for a week) the trip would have cost me around $1600 or so. Too steep this year :( Maybe next year :D

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Guest 510kamikazifreak

i was thinking you guy's where going past canby to go to cant be :D



If I were to go past Cant'be Id be in Canby :lol: , If i were to go past Canby I would be in Salem :blink: :lol:

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Well, a day late and a dollar short but....


So I had my own "little" car show






go ahead call it lame, but hey it sounded like a good idea after 4 or 5 ales :P

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