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"b"210 front springs, is their anythings I should know?

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I want to go lower but....... if I cut the springs and find new strut cartridges is thats enough or is it going to give me heeps off negative camber? what about toe? I plant on trimming my springs too get 2 inches and close the wheel gap above my tires , I plant on using my current worne in springs thats where 109# in 1976 if I cut one and a half coils off how much higher would the springs rate go? im aiming for between 175 and 200 I was going to leave the stock bottom perch in hopes thats its only advantage was ajustability ? im making rear blocks at work becouse the ones I have found area expensive and looked cheaply machined out of expensive aluminum, so im searching for a rear shock thats 2 inches shorter than stock to save my travel , is there a way too find strut cartridges thats area 2 inches shorter too thats would work with the increased springs rate, I know coils overs but im trying too save for another 210 for my little brothers and want to do it ask correctly as possible as cheaply possible, thanks for your time and input :)

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my avatar is my car at current height, bleh, it need to go up or down and to be honest ive only ever gone up, is there any mods too the stearing needed, ive read through all the 210 post and suspention post and have gained verry little knowledge on what goes on with the rest off the math , I dont want the lowerd vw look and huge camber.

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Lowering it won't give you any negative camber. Remember that 1970s suspension specs call for positive camber. Datsun competition recommended slotting the strut tower mounting bolts to gain some negative camber.


1-1/2 coil cut might give you a 3" drop, but I'm not sure.


Racers go with 275 pound springs, and a lot of streeeters fit 175 pound. A favorite is to use 280ZX rear springs on the front of the B210.

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