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Someone identify year?


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Its a 1973 Datsun 610 Sports Coupe.


ehime: The grille is sports coupe specific. You (and I) have the sedan/wagon grille. Either grille fits the 73 front end. In fact, and as a side note, that grille on the white car was the worldwide SSS grille before 1973.


The way you can tell any 610 apart (early from late) is the fenders. "arrowhead" fender lights that point away from the car are a dead giveaway.

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Cool, thanks for the heads up and the little bit of knowledge, much appr.

And just to iterate, this is a Sports Coupe, not just a Coupe, correct? It begs

the question, what the difference is. Something odd I noticed besides was

the window surround trim is missing the typical black inserts? Ideas?


Now to see if he'll sell. ;)

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Something odd I noticed besides was the window surround trim is missing the typical black inserts? Ideas?

Around the sides and bottom of the window? We call that the 'J-Line'.

There are three different types:

1) Matte Black = SSS

2) Matte Silver = DeLuxe

3) Color of car = Base Model


Lets put it this way, a couple hours of taping and sanding, paint and you can have yourself a SSS or a DeLuxe in no time ;)

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There is only one 610 coupe. "Sports coupe" is just marketing. The 610 coupe is a hardtop, so the door window glass has no frame.

Thank You for the clarification. The difference I recall is that the "Sports Coupe" has the grill as shown by ehime. The standard coupe used the sedan/wagon grille. Could have been an add-on that I saw on the two I've seen, but I enjoy a 610 too much to question other people's "upgrades".

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So the question is I guess, is the J-Line on those an actual plastic piece or is it just a painted on thing?

It looks like (on the SSS) it's actually a piece of plastic.

Not plastic. They are metal. The only way to verify that it is still attached (appropriately) is to remove the stainless trim that is on top. The assumption is that if the stainless trim is still attached, then the j-line trims are still attached as well. They are usually painted before leaving the factory, meaning that if this were a DeLuxe, then they would be silver, a SSS and black, the car is a Base model, or the car had a repaint sometime in its life.

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Sorry, I ment between base, deluxe, and sss

I know that there was a few differences in the

exterior trim, and assume the sss had a uprated

engine, and most likely a sportier suspension set,

but was there more changes?

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I can talk about Japan-market models

* entry level model was the Standard trim. It came with bench front seat

* next step up was Deluxe trim, rubber floor mats!

* next level was GL (Grand Luxe), typically this had stuff like cloth seats

* top of the line was the 610 SSS which was a GL with special engine. It came in three engine depend on year: L16T, L18T or L18E (EGI/EFI). T means Twin carb, it had twin Hitachi carburetor (SU Type).


In japan it was marketed as the Datsun 610 Bluebird-U. By contrast the 710 was marketed as the Nissan 710 Violet, though both had the same engine and IRS and were practically the same measurements (badge engineering, like Nissan vs Infiniti). The US only got the downlevel models.


SSS had no suspension enhancements. Same 13" tires and wheels as the base model. SSS came with 4-speed, but 5-speed or auto was an option.

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