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Hole in gas tank [521] !!

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Was going to work this morning going bout 70-ish & the Astro van in front of me swirves hard all of a sudden to reveal a large metal goblet [mug/drinking cup] thats the size of football !!!!! I had.01 seconds to react..couldnt avoid id & slammed into it! I though tit just hit the front X member & that was it but no...a few miles down the road th etruck stalls & pull over to the smell of gas leaking out of the dime sized hole in the middle of the hand sized dent in my gas tank!!! :mad::mad: The chances of me actually finding a 521 tank @ the yards is kinda slim & it is my daily & cant be down too long....im thinking of using JB weld to patch the hole & see if it holds. Any advice...Is this safe & will it last?

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i dont think jb weld holds up to gas well, i have however seen 2 part epoxy made for gas tank repair it seemed to hold ok on my 4 dr chevette

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damn, what are the odds. either option will work. i used an epoxy called liquid metal "cant find it anymore" on a freeze plug that had a pin hole in the middle, looked like it was taking a leak. the epoxy has been holding the hole for more than a year. usually the epoxy ends up not being strong enough for what i use it for. i even stuck some down in a cam tower bolt hole many years ago and had no problems since. dont use the clear on clear epoxy. black on white epoxy is best.


there are 2 521 tanks down at the parkland/tacoma pull-a-part. i'm sure shipping would be about $30-35 to ship one from here.


i had performance radiator weld up a tank for me once. they did a perfect job and pressure tested it for me, painted too. finding a place to weld up a tank these days is not easy. this was 8-10 years ago. cost about $60.

car-part.com lists 11 tanks from 7 different sellers.


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JB weld will work on the tank. My first into to JB when I was a kid was using two packages of it to recreate the bottom of a rusted out motorcycle gas tank.....ran the bike all summer until the motor siezed up....tank was still good.


They make gas tank sealer, which is two strips of putty type epoxy....never tried it.


Just make sure the area you are epoxying is clean and dry. If there's still some residual gas in the tank, you can probably jack one side/end up enough to get the fuel away from the hole. Obviously, don't use a flame. You can use a fan to dry the area.


OH...use 5minute JB!!!!! Holds as well as the 24 hr stuff, but curse in minutes. I'd give it an hour. And roughen the surround area up with sandpaper to give it some "tooth" for the JB to stick too.

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Hahaha, you could always try duct-tape and plastic wrap... It might hold up for a few minutes...


How do you guys JB weld it? Do you just go over it several times, putting one layer on top of another until it closes, or do you cut out a small piece of metal and then JB weld that to the tank?

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How do you guys JB weld it? Do you just go over it several times, putting one layer on top of another until it closes, or do you cut out a small piece of metal and then JB weld that to the tank?


.....yes :)

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Man I wish I had read this thread before I cut all my hoses, removed the gas tank and took it to my radiator repair guy who patched it for $60.


Now I gotta try to fit a generic hose in there.


5min jb weld sounds like the way to go!

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wow that sucks. i would say if you have time empty it out. clean it out. weld it up check for leaks and be done with it.


btw there are 2 521's in the junk yards right now. don't know if they have tanks still on them. one is at the pick your parts off nirvana, go down the main isle and turn right on the other main isle and its on your right about 10 rows down


the other 521 is at the ecology on nirvana, as soon as you walk in look to your right and its right in front. its a green one.


hopefully the tanks are still there and not with punched holes. sometimes they punch holes to drain the tanks. wasteful i think


also if you do weld it. take the time and put in a drain plug. haha perfect time to do it.

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Thanks for the heads up on the JY info but not alot of time to get down there. I got up under yesterday & applied 2 coats of the fast setting JB weld & today ill put some gas in & see if it holds...gentlemen the hole-->..& yes thats my middle finger :D




you can kinda see the outline of the dent too...

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