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510- 2000GT Skyline conversion?

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Why would you want to make a poser impostor like that? You'll be shunned by both the 510 and Skyline crowd. The two cars aren't even remotely similar anyways.


to be fare, there is a chance the 510 crowd would shun you because you tinted your windows.

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Indy, are you suggesting that I make a Goon Skyline with these pics?

Why not? There was factory ones after all:



i want a skyline that turns into a transformer

There was one:



In the Armada series Sideswipe was an R32 4 door Skyline. It's one of the few transformers I had to order, since I had an R32 4 door while I was overseas... I REALLY miss it!

Here's a model someone made if it... never liked the hood scope though.





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Too much forza if you ask me. A 2000GT valve cover alone will run 1500 dollars. Skylines are beautiful cars and so are the 510's, so I beg you, please save your time and money for the real deal.


A healthy alternative for a car that looks like a Hako skyline would be the 75 or 76 Dodge Colt. You would get major thumbs up for that kind of build but don't badge it a skyline.






[edit] I even found one for you if you're willing to ship. http://albany.craigslist.org/cto/2646099795.html

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It would be cool if one day some of the classic japanese cars get repro bodys like the muscle cars have. Like the ones Dynacornbodies.com makes. Id buy a 2000gt body and drop a RB into it. The price would be high enough that it would still be a rare car. One can dream.....

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i dont think you'ld wanna do the whole conversion to make is look right, but ive often dreamt of slapping an old skyline grill on my truck, and actually just today i saw a 510 with zg flares and a skyline grill. the hood line didnt quite match up but thats not tooo hard to do bodywork wise, compared to matching the ridge on the side of the skyline body. not every detail will be exact but it will look cooler than a stock grill almost guaranteed.

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and actually, because i am doing an l28 swap into my truck, i wash thinking pretty strongly that i might just do something silly and see if i can mount up the 280z fenders, and hood up to the truck. i am probably going to do a complete suspension and subframe swap, due the the frame rail width on the truck and the subframe mounting width on the 280z being the same, making for a drill and bolt kind of swap. the hardest part really will be making sure its all measured up right, and , oh yeah, constructing a upper mount for the 280 shocks. this will be in the distant future but hey, its a learning experience, go for it.

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