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For Sale Flat Top SU's

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I have a set of flat top SU's that proably in all honesty just need to be cleaned. Part of the linkage(shown in pics) is home mabe by the previous owner. It functions, but what to do with it is up to you. Intake fits a L-series motor. Was on a L20b head.


Make a reasonable offer and they are yours!! :)


Located in arlington, wa 98223


PayPal accepted and preferred.







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Since I took them off my car they have been sitting a few months. Before that no idea. But they are not all dried up or anything. Everything moves easily and is sealed properly. The floats work well also.


I have Parts of air cleaners, the chrome plates front and back but no filters/ Its something to work with and they arent real pretty. I'll get pics up soon.

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Still available.


People seem to be under the impression these SU's are turn key. They are not.


Will at minimum need new lines from float bowls to the needles(easy), the part of the linkage thats home made needs attention, and a cleaning.



Still well worth a Weber if you ask me. Su's are more desireable carbs. (to most)



PM or eMail me.

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If anyone would like to just buy these carbs let me know.


The last couple days I've started messing with the weber I have and have figured some things out. It's running alot better now so the SU's are now for sale.



Anyone with previous interest will have firts dibs.




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