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HiComp ITB KA24DE 510

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Im going to replace the slave on the 521 to see if that does it, if not...gonna replace clutch..YAY!!

Master cylinder for 510 gets here on the first :(

You're not even reading this are you?

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Drove the 521 today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The slave is l contributing to the clutch problem, but now the rear main is leaking.. Fuck replacing that.. I'm just gonna swap a lz22 in that bisch.


Wonder how hard it would be going from a J13 to a L

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But the I'd have to rivet the signs in rather than weld.. It could a temporary fix until I can find some metal (btw, where do you get your metal?? Like plates and stuff?)


I'd use panels off of a WWII plane lol

That'd be ratty as fuck

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Oh and there is a bigger hole in my floorboard :lol:

Made it while driving

Ill replace the floorboards once I swap the engine


is it drivers side right under pedals .... my 521 that's the only rust and if i drive through standing water.... i has and will shoot water up my pant leg... floor mats fixed that...

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Yeah exactly!!

I have the stock rubber floormat thing, hide the rust :lol:

Replaced master on 510...

Still no pressure :( must be a leak in the lines somewhere

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I'm not sure I follow what you are saying Jacob. I got the frame part..




Brakes Are FINALLY done on 510!!!!!!!!!!!

Gonna finish lowering the 510 so I can get the exhaust done as well!!



Yeah that j13 is tired.. Maybe it's 303,000 miles Lololol

I have a couple engine combos.. But I want to Frankenstein one.. Right now I have..

Z22 (auto tranny)

KA24DE (auto)

KA24E (auto)

L16, can be paired with dogleg 63a, 620 5 speed or Zx 5 speed

Or another L20b that I forgot about lol


I know that If I use that Z22, since I don't have a Z series tranny, fitting a L series will be complicated.. Not sure what to do




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Got the car registered today, and the exhaust done!!!


It's too quiet for my liking :(

But at least I can drive it now!!!

Now I get the paint buffed tomorrow and reassembly commences!!!!

GAH I'm so excited!!


I have no oics or video cause my phone refuses to take pictures when the battery is under 15% (fucking android phones, I hate them!)



Another note, I watched the Avengers today. Kick ass movie, but I found myself caring more about Scarlett...


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Your z idea = a good one and clean wheels . Tasteful ... yo !!!!!


What was wrong with s13?


Dime exhaust ... will be sweet! Haha.


Needs wider wheels.. lol


The S13 was stolen, so the wiring was fucked up, it also has a alarm so I had to delete all that shit.


Dime exhaust tooo quiet!!!

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Errrrr ... sorry to hear the s13 was stolen ... good job on the fix as wiring can be difficult at times :).


Wide wheels are cool ... but balance is good too haha.


A quiet exhaust that is non-restrictive is a good thing right ?. Loud is cheaper lol.

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Yeah I have alot more bottom end with a exhaust now lol.

Still, too quiet!! and it has a ricer not at high RPMs.. i didn't chose the muffler, and the guy didn't put a magnaflow.. it sounds like it has a glasspack sometimes.. oh well.


And in case you didn't understand me before, the car was stolen, and thats how I inherited the car ollzz

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Ignition wired correctly?


Matchbox dizzy,

Positive on top, - on bottom, Blue wire and black+white on + of coil ....

Then black and one wire to the - on dizzy on - side of coil


All off of the top of my head lol

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