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Datsun Machined Ignition Bezels

Ignition Bezel  

  1. 1. What Finish would you be more interested in?

    • Machined Aluminum Finish
    • Polished Finish
    • Deep Blue Anodize
    • Another Finish/Color
    • Deep Blue Anodize with Machined Face
  2. 2. What is your interest in this Custom Bezel?

    • No interest, My plain old bezel is fine
    • I like it but not in the budget
    • I like it but want a different color
    • I think the available options would make a nice addition to my interior

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Top Posters In This Topic

I see several votes for "Another Finish/Color.

Please don't hesitate to post a comment telling me what you would like.

I would like to take a consensus maybe for the next run (if I sell the ones I have currently)

I would like a red one :cool:

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Many Thanks to all the cool ass Datsun heads who purchased an Ignition Bezel this weekend @ Datsloco. It was a very popular item!

Still have some left so get them while you can..... :D

yellow? just curious.

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yellow? just curious.


No Yellow or Gold yet but will consider it on my next run. Red has the lead so far....


Id like to see an all blue one.


If you can make one out of, derlin...let m know....


I do have an all blue anodized aluminum one.

No delrin though. I Don't think black plastic ones would sell very well. Plus it is expensive.

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