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New owner of a Datsun that floats--->

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Boating does not come without maintainence, EAOKs, adjustments and problems!!!



Here is an OTB shot of mark adjusting His valves.





After 15 trips in the river with My boat, I finally encountered a problem. Mark, Tony and I had to be towed 4 miles back to Needles on Monday evening. As You would expect, after 3 hours of hunting, diagnosing, changing, altering and almost giving up........ I noticed something that looked wrong. We changed points, coil wire, condenser, fuel pump, line and other things. It turned out to be a burnt out $4.35 ballast resistor. The points would have given Me trouble down the road so changing them was cool. Good to go now!!!!!!

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Yes i did adjust the valves and they were all off just a tad.

Another issue im having is excessive fuel use & the carb running rich.

& the alternator went bad so im having a 1 wire "marine" alternator built which will put out 55 amps & is safe for the water.

I will also re route my throttle cable like Steroid's is to get a better response.

Hope to be on the water for July 4th... ;)

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  • 2 weeks later...

Small update. Had a used but good alternator donated to the cause..installed that until the marine one is ready. Installed the 32/36 weber carb..had to re-route the throttle cable & make a custom linkage for it.It now starts easier & idle's better. TY to Tony [Nevtony] for helping out today. The real test will be in the water in a few days ;)

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Test results?????? :unsure:

Ok overall ran a bit better w/ the Weber w/ no black soot on the rear on the boat.

Better throttle response w/ the new linkage but ill make a few changes to it.

Still not getting the mileage id like to but it's a bit better than the Hitachi.

In the water trying to restart after floating the battery seemed to be dead or have low voltage. When we pulled it out of the water she fired right up !

Something is causing the battery to not turn the motor over after being on the water for awhile. I suspect a bad starter..the free used alt checked out good but ill recheck that. I may install the gear reduction starter & see if that helps.

Freakin boat runs great in the driveway..under a load / on the water..different story.

I need to have the motor timed & adjust the air-fuel mixture on the Weber.

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it is hydrolocking. you need to get a better flapper in the exhaust. water is running up the exhaust pipe and there is enough pressure against the valves that it wont turn over.had the same problem. if you make the boat list away from the exhaust it will turn right over.

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Ok did more wrenching today. Discovered the Alt wiring was wrong & not charging the battery.

With correct wiring it now puts out 14-16 volts.

I adjusted the timing as well & put a new gasket on the base of the fuel gauge.

We also hooked up an "idiot" light that will let me know if & when the Alt. stops putting out the correct voltage.

I made a new flapper too out of 1/4 inch thick rubber & used some alluminum to help prevent water from going into the exhaust...



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  • 3 weeks later...

Ok update again. Ran the boat twice since redoing the alt. wiring, Ran great both times except an unfortunate thing happened last time out. The rear took on some water [big wakes] & the motor ended up under water for several minutes. That was a few weeks ago & ive since gone over the motor, rebuilt the carb & repainted some parts. Should be firing it up again soon but it wont see the river again until everything checks out ok.

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  • 4 weeks later...

Ok minor progress...i swear each time i take her out it performs better & better. Went out last Sunday w/ Steroids boat & had a blast. I put a used [but verified good] MARINE battery in it & wow what a difference. Marine batteries have more CCA under a load,,she started multiple times w/ no problems. Towards the end of the day though my "new" gear reduction starter was acting up & i had to jump the terminals to make it back to the launch. The rebuilt Weber performs way better too, faster acceleration & gets on plane quicker. Sorry no pics this time out :rolleyes:

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The other day I stopped in at a boat shop I used to work for here in Havasu. I was shootin' the shit with one of the owners, and wound up talking about these Datsun powered boats. He remembers coming to Havasu in the 70's and renting a Sundance 16 for the day. Apparently there was a rental joint in the channel under the London Bridge that had a small fleet of these. He was able to describe the boat in detail so I don't think he was yankin' my chain. Then he told me something that blew my mind........





























He said he thought the 6 cylinder boats were longer maybe 17' or 18'.


My search has begun.

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Bob thats kool that you met a guy who knows about our boats [me & mike]. Ours perform well w/ the L 20..the 6 cylinders probably haul ass! I wonder what ever happened to the "fleet" ? Bob..by chance can you find out the name of the rental place ?...super longshot i know but it's worth a shot.

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I did some internet searching and could not find any mention of an L series 6 cylinder boat. That doesn't mean they don't exist though because there are very few posting relating to the 4 cylinder Sundance boats.


I did find this though, http://www.mazdatruckin.com/vBulletin/owners-rides/9947-my-toy-truck-boat.html


1990 Werks Smuggler 13' jet boat with A14 power


Found one for sale too. http://orangecounty.craigslist.org/boa/2539095596.html


Only $500 obo I wonder if they would take $300. I am visiting my family in Fontana so I am only about an hour from that boat right now.


If only I hadn't bought this damn 91 Camaro that I am trying to part out. http://inlandempire.craigslist.org/pts/2547352963.html

Somebody buy the wheels so I can buy this boat

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