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New owner of a Datsun that floats--->

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Today i worked a deal with HVYD aka Daniel :) I traded my 72 Wagon for his 76 Datsun powered boat. It's made by Conqueror marine, model is a "sundance 16" powered by a L 20B. It was sad to see the wagon go but he's excited about getting it & needless to say the boat is worth trading for :D It needs some interior work but no biggie..i have some plans to use some bamboo & viynl down the road. On to a few pix...



the weight limit is 666 lbs :devil:


it has a Castoldi jet...



Daniel & his new car...


A HUGE thank you to Daniel for delivering the boat down here...i owe you a beverage :thumbup:

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You have got to paint your boat/truck as a matching showpiece! Will you be towing it with the 620?

Ill be leaving it white but later on i may shoot over it with a jar or 2 of this.........



Cant see in the pic but it has 5 different colors of flake in it.

I will however repaint the trailer sooner than later.

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Mark has really been wanting this!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! If He has the same luck with His boat as I have, He has made a good trade!!! Boating changes You forever. There is a connection to water that will stay with You forever. I have had extremely good luck with the 4 boats that I have owned. I do not see why Mark will have nothing but the best of times with His!!! I certainly wish Him that!! I also know that Mark is a good enough "wrench" that it will only hit the water in a safe, mechanically sound condition. SWDP BOATING CHAPTER!!

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Turbo it

:o im glad it runs good now :) will get a tune up & oil change before she sees the aqua.

New free bumper mounted as of just now. Need to get the ass end up 3 inches to tow safely & i have 3 options...

1. put huge baloon tires back on 185-75-14's that are NEW

2. remove 3 inch blocks

3. fab & weld on a "riser" where the tow ball goes that raises it 4 inches.


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