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Project "Parts Car" Resurrection

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Longer lug-studs are easy to add in the front ... . but not easy at all in the back (without pulling the rear hubs) not easy


I'm not shure 15x7 +25 will fit in the front without spacers .. . you will probably want 195/45 tires so they don't rub on your "510 front struts"


the back wheels might be getting close to the rear control arms .... not shure ... . but maybe just order 2 wheels (then add spacers to find what offset you wish you got) :lol:



any plans to ever "fix" the stock rear camber??? ..... cause 15x7 +25 will be hella-sunken without a slotted rear X-member or Futo-fab/bryron brackets

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My rear wheels aren't cambered in. i'm still stockish ride height in the back. I was planning to buy 205 50R15 tires though.

I'm still trying to find some +15 wheels though, as I think they'd fit better, they're awful hard to find though. The +25 wheels are the closest i've been able to find so far :(

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I spent my day today "fixing" rust holes in the rocker panels. I'm hoping to get this p.o.s. in paint soon. :) I'm sooooooo tired if ugly black primer. Any opinions as for color? I was going to put the original paint code 938 LIGHT GOLD back on it, but i'm still considering black. Decisions decisions...

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I have a big issue with my passenger side back door. It's full of cracked up bondo. If I can't repair it, can I take a goon door skin off an extra goon door and put it on my sedan door. I know the doors a are little different, but are the skins interchangeable?

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That's what I thought. I'm going to try and fix my doors first though, cuz it's a pain in the arse to try and swap panels without damaging them.

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My next door neighbor is a body man and is going to fix my doors. :)

I think i'm going to stay with my current paint scheme and do gloss black sides and original lite gold on top.

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i'm wanting to put flairs on this car, but i'm undecided about making my own by hand or doing ZG FLAIRS... How do the ZG flairs attach and is there enough room behind my back doors to attach em' ? Can anyone answer that for me our does someone have a couple oics that can post here of doing the install?


Thanks to anyone that might be able to help me decide.

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Ok, small update...


I installed dual Su carbs on this, but need a couple good pics of the hose routing. I don't know what gets connected where on the carbs. I know that sounds dumb, but I've never messed with em before and these have more hose nipples than a weber single set up.

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That answers where the fuel Lines go, but where does that extra nipple on the rear carb get hooked to? Is it an overflow or return line? I don't know if I even still have a return line still running to my tank.

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Where are people buying TE27 flakes at? I want a set for this car, but I've heard bad stuff about jdmflairs.com and that's the only place I can find that says they sell em'.

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There are lines running from the top of each float that allow for any over flow. I guess you could return them to the tank if you like. Mine are just hanging down. Just make sure they don't end up any where near the exhaust manifold :D

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This is what is what doctoraudio posted in his thread. Hope it helps.


-Primary Main Jet = 140

--Secondary Main Jet = 135

--Primary Air-Correction Jet = 165

--Secondary Air-Correction Jet = 160

--Primary Idle Jet = 60

--Secondary Idle Jet = 50

--Accelerator Pump Jet = 50

--Primary Emulsion Tube = F50

--Secondary Emulsion Tube = F6

--Main Venturi = 3.5 /26

--Booster/Secondary Venturi = 3.5/27


There is more power all the way thru and 3 and 4 feel more responsive than before and the acceleration is quicker.

I can pull up hill in forth.

3rd feels much stronger than 2nd.

I am not touching this any more.

Also slapped a 20 mm spacer under the carb.

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It's been a looong time since I had a REAL update on this car, so here ya'll go. :thumbup:  I've had this car out of commission for about 12 months, because the old Weber 32/36 was just plain shot and after a rebuild it still ran like crapola. So I bought a nice, rebuilt set of SU Carbs and although it took me a while to put em' on and get everything plumbed properly. It's done and WOW!!! What an improvement!!! This thing runs and starts up great now and I haven't even hooked up the choke cables yet. Anywho... Here's a pic :devil:


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