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620, chop, cut, weld

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DSC_0324_zpsfdbf93b4.jpgFull resto on this 81 Porsche 911. All parts you don't see are already restored and painted. Body is almost ready for paint. As soon as this one is gone I'll be going back into night time progress on my 620 build

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I have a whole new taillight plan. I was gonne do the Caddy Seville lights but my new plan is gonna be sick. Gonna start getting and fabbing parts. Not posting pics till its done. I want it to be a WTF :w00t:  moment for everyone to see.

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After alot of research I've decided to go back to the 92 Caddy Deville taillight conversion. I wanted to do 3 Plasmglow Fire Storm rear light bars, with a custom tail light housing/roll pan. They look sick. But only measure 49". Thats 4" shorter than the tailgate and the 620 tail gap measures 53" from left to right. Then I thought about reliability. How long will a LED tailgate light bar last before it breaks? And how many years will they be in production? So I'd rather spend $2 on a replacement bulb than $170 on a replacement light bar. 

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Did a few upgrades. Put a fresh upper rad/themostat housing from an early model. Deletes a few things the 78 housing has for a cleaner look. Installed Digital SPW Temp, Volt and Oil gauges. I'll post some pics when it comes back from repair shop. It's running poorly and back firein through carb.

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