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1971 521 brakes.


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When I drive the truck forward and step on the brakes the rear starts to drag real bad. I stop put it in reverse, back up a little then hit the brakes they go free. until I stop forward. I looked at them, every thing looks new. The only thing that was out was they seemed lose. Like the shoes are not adjusted right. I adjusted one side did not help. any ideas?

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I would do simple things first. Adjust the brakes. Jack up the vehicle to lift wheel. Remove the rubber boot near the bottom of the brake plate. Lightly tap the adjuster housing forward. Turn the starwheel downward until considerable drag is felt when trying to turn the tire and wheel. Back off the starwheel 12 clicks. Make sure the tire now turns freely.

On the rear brakes, make sure the emergency brake is off when you adjust the brakes.

While adjusting the brakes at each wheel, look for evidence of brake fluid leakage. Make sure the emergency brake cable retracts easily when the emergency brake is released.

Make sure the adjuster housing moves fairly easily when you do the brake adjustment.

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If you have them adjusted too tight even just a little they will drag the drum and start to apply.

There is a sweet spot. with the wheel off. adjust them up till you cannot turn the drum by hand unless you really try hard. not to where you can't turn it at

all, just hard to turn.

Pump the pedel a couple times. repeat.

When you get the shoes tight and centered.. stop adjusting then back the adjusters off 3-5 or so clicks.

Do both sides the same. put a wheel on and spin it foreward. If it will not turn then it is still too tight. if it turns with slight resistance. your good. drive it .


If it still gives problems. your wheel cylinders might not be returning when you let off the pedel. could be bad wheel cylinders. bad rear brake rubber hose collapsing inside. bad master cyl. or trash in the lines.

or a parking brake cable sticking.


hope you get it fixed


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Ok I took a look at the brakes and found every thing is new, Pads, springs, wheel cyl and adjusters. I found broken adjusters. stripped threads. You could adjust the pad but once you step on the brake pow it just shoots in. The truck came with some extras. So all good now. Thanks

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