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My Home Built Rear Coilovers

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okay so it's an availability thing? because they seem to be the same length. about 20" extended 12" compressed from what I can find. certain ones seem to be a little longer like 21.5" or so but no huge differences. the reason I asked is because I already have good shocks on my car and I was thinking about using them rather than getting new shocks. save even more!

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did you do any reinforcing of the lower shock mount? I read somewhere that the you have to do that cause it wasn't designed to take spring loads or something like that. just curious cause this is a great idea.

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I finished... thought i would leave the old cut springs in place as overload setups, and raise the height to accomodate that... whoa... bad idea. ROCK SOLID... i fit an entire double axle car traler + a car on the hitch of my 510... it started "taco"ing the body... no bueno. i pulled off immediately, and it popped right back. but man was that a testament to my welds.

Ive got some tweeking to do, it sits to damn high for my taste right now, but its time will come. lol... ill drop it again.



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Giving more credit to this post. I followed these instructions to build my own set of coilovers. I built them without having to weld anything, easy to dissamble and just as solid.


Purchased a set of four coilover sleeves and springs ($40):



2in O.D exhaust pipe, about 5 in for each side ($10). This fits inside the sleeve and helps support it just like in original post. 


Using a step down bit I drilled out bigger one of the top caps to make as a support for the bottom of the coilover, rests on the top of the shock fluid canister.

Exhaust pipe piece fit into the cap and the sleeve fits over it, you can attach them together with little pins that came with the coilover kit. Slip another cap on top and you are done, no welding no mess!


Allowed me to fit 18in Konig rims 1 1/4" spacers. They look awesome on the car! Thinking of doing a general paint job, any thoughts? You can buy the decal kit for under $100!







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