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My Home Built Rear Coilovers

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On 8/24/2018 at 11:11 AM, Bleach said:

Are you using the springs that came with your $40 coilover kit or a different brand of spring?


I used the springs that came with the kit, I left my old springs in too for now which has made for a stiffer ride but nothing unbearable, not sure how much the springs on the coilovers will compress on their own.

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It doesn't really matter how much it compresses as the ride height is adjustable anyway. What matters is the spring rate of the spring. It should (more or less) match the rate on the front. The stock front spring is just under 100 lb/in. If you get the following measurements (as accurately as possible) on that spring I can work out the rate.

Outer diameter of the coil, outside to outside

Thickness of the wire.



BTW.... kudos on doing this yourself! Anyone can just buy shit and have it bolted on. This is how you connect with your car.

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 The 610 suspension is so similar to the previous 510 that I would have to say .... yes. Keep in mind your rear spring should be similar rate to the front or the car will be unbalanced in it's handling. You can buy springs in just about any rate.

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What a steal! $39 to my door. Chinas best! Springs are to short & to hard. Figure about 425 in/lbs. The threaded pcs just fit over the front strut tube though, so I'll hold them up with split collars. Then I'll be able to use the threaded part to set corner weights, a lot easier than trying to move the split collar a skosh. Might use two springs in tandem, that would bring the rate down to about 210 in/lbs while keeping a fare amount of wheel travel. Rule of thumb for spring length is the springs need to be about 2 X the shock travel.


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