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just got a 1973 datsun Pics added


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There is a pretty easy and cheap fix for the shifter too! There are three bushings that are probably worn out or completely gone. On the pin that holds the shift lever into the transmission, there should be shouldered bushings that go between the shift lever and where the lever attaches to the trans. I don't know what that piece is called...sorry. Those shouldered bushings actually go into the shift lever and the pin that holds it into the trans goes through them. Now, that will help the side to side slop...the front to back slop is controlled by the small cup bushing that goes at the very end of the shift lever that engages the transmission. That bushing is likely the first one to go. If you get the three bushings and put them in, you'll think you just bought a new transmission. The nice thing is this...those will be the same bushings that you'll want to use for the 5-speed when you decide to make the change. Money well spent.


I just found these bushings on eBay and they're pretty cheap! I've linked them here for you...


Shift Lever Bushings: Shift Lever Bushings


Shift Rod End Bushing: Shift Rod End Bushing

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Shifter bushings for less than $5.


help me section in the auto parts store. There are 2 different part numbers and they are for chrysler door hinge.


#38377 it has one set of bushings


the other has an assortment of 4 bushings of which 2 sets will work.


Need a vise, lubrication, flat file and a spacer(deepwell socket). Lube the bushings one at a time, use the vise and put in one at a time. Lube the pin and using the vise push the pin through. Then work it in and out. This will form the bushing to the pin instead of using a round file. Last thing, use the flat file to file down the shoulders, just enough to fit between the ears. Only take off as much as necessary to still have a tight fit.


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