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pic of your dime


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I use Imgur......it is fairly easy to use (even for a guy that took 2 years to figure out Photosuckit).


Seems to work much the same too. Go to images, click on the copy tab for the bbc code.  Once you are back in the "Reply to this topic" box on Ratsun, in the upper left hand corner therre is an icon that looks like a light switch, click on it( it is called the BBC Code mode)....all of the other icons will turn gray, then right click in the box where you type your reply/post and paste.

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Why do all your pics of your cars make me feel like u live in a ghost town

You know some times it seems like that. I remember when I was a kid in the early 60's it was very alive in the old downtown area but over the years everything has spread out with development and the old downtown has suffered. But I like being there and it is affordable at this time. I just hope they don't get greedy with taxes since I gave the outside of my building a face lift thinking the inside is fixed up but it's just like when I bought it way back (OLD). The old building is my retirement Datsun man cave. I plan to get all the 510's going and get back into the acoustic guitar building again.

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