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pic of your dime


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It spent some time here in Texas when it left California. Did you by chance buy it from Alfredo in Dallas? 


Out of the blue, just remembered that somewhere I have a photo of it in front of my house...   :rofl:









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I noticed that the 510 looks like it has hoodpins but then doesn't in the more recent pictures? Regardless a beautiful car imo

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Love watching these videos of 510's driving. Can't wate to get my goon going good again. At least I trust the suspension on it for traveling long distance because it has been all redone. The others still need to be redone. I barly trust them to go very far or fast till I get time to redo them. Love your video,

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Thank you, I'll post more when we go out cruising, i need to eliminate the annoying rattling under the dash pad, installing the heater core will fix that since the noises come from the loose heater control pieces ;)

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Very nice, it stands out less but looks cleaner to me.

I agree it doesn't look as unique but is much cleaner look.  I have since put in intake funnels as both yellow light kind of clashed with the paint color and one was cracked.  I will post pics later.

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So I threw in two funnels as I didnt care for the amber lights against the yellow paint and one of the lights was cracked anyway. I also installed a BLOX custom weighted shift knob as my greddy one, when tightened, made the "Greddy" and 1-5 gears upside-down.




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