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waynos 521 work truck


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Please wash your truck,and for gods sake polish the damm thing.lol


It's just a work truck, it gets dirty all the time, I hit it with a pressure washer every once in a while just to rinse all the mud that gets on it while working.


The day I went to look at the wood, which turned out to be 25-30 foot tall tree that was 4 foot round at the base, as it turns out, the city will cut the tree down to the point where it won't touch power lines and then stop, as they are not in the tree removal business, any way I started hearing knocking again from the front driverside wheel, as it turned out, the upper bolts that kept breaking on me in the past holding the upper control arm(UCA) were loose again, I changed to grade 8 bolts a while back, well instead of breaking this time, they pulled the threads right out of the tower on the front side, I cannot tighten that one anymore, and I cannot re-thread it to the 720 size while the engine is in the truck, so I bought another longer bolt that came out the back side where the shock is and put a washer and lock nut on it, it seems to be holding, but this is bad, I am sorry about no photos, but I wanted to get it fixed to pick up the wood, I wasn't worried about documenting it.


I have come to the conclusion that this truck is going to have to go on a 720 frame, all the modifications are great, but the issues involved with all these mods are starting to wear me down, this UCA issue has fell apart/broken so many times, I have had the front bolt break 3 or 4 times, I have had both break about three times, and now the threads are being ripped out since I am using much harder bolts, the passenger side has never had an issue, it has the original 521 bolts from the frame switch about eight years ago, this I do not understand.

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I have had extra sloppy steering lately, I kept getting under the truck and tightening everything, but it only seemed to last maybe a couple days and be all loose again, so I crawled under there today to try and see what the issue was, well I think I found the problem.


See the big washer, that is a big hole above it in the frame, the washer is there because the idler arm ear that held the idler arm in position was broke off the last time I was under there a few weeks ago, so i put that washer there to hold everything.


The hole was a little larger than I thought, so I had to take it all apart.


So I fixed it the best I could.




I hope it holds for a while this time, I will tell you this, the steering is tighter than it has been in a few years now.

I actually went under there because the tension rod/strut bushings were falling apart, so I made my own for a while till I can find what I need somewhere, baxters and costless say they are out there, but neither of them had them in stock or their warehouses, so I need to find strut rod/tension rod bushings for a "1979 datsun 620" somewhere before my home made ones destroy themselves.


Can you believe it, I have been hauling very heavy loads of wood with it like that, I guess I am kinda hard on my little truck, I treat it like it is a big truck.  :rofl:

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I found out yesterday that I needed to go get a load of wood, so today at 10.30am I left the house to go get it.


Right when I was almost done hauling it in the back yard and stacking it, I received another call asking if I wanted another load, I knew I screwed up when I told them if they had any more to call me, off I went again to get another load.


I got a flat when I arrived to get the second load, didn't notice it till it was almost totally flat, I was just able to get the jack under the truck, that is why the tire is on top of the load.

2 cords loaded, unloaded and stacked, big plus was they split it for me, this is the first time in my life that I made more than one buy from an arborist, usually they say they have a cord, but it is never a full cord, they always say if I stack it, it will be a cord, and I always bite my tongue and not say that there are laws about stacking it like he is talking about, the law says a cord is supposed to be a cord, not 20 percent air.

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Wayno what do you have under the hood of that truck.Is that one a 2.3 liter.


LZ23, a W53 closed chamber head, big 280Z valves/ported, and dual SUs.

It has a lot of torque, I can move more than I can stop, so I drive like I have no brakes at all.

I did get a ticket yesterday though, truck/trailer, and a lot of debris, he said I was going 74mph in a 60mph posted area, but my speedo needle has been broke since I broke in the engine on that trip to Tana's house, the needle was pegged when it broke.

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Well she pulls hard that is for sure,i will admit my 2.3 has got a lot of pep.It has more i dont know if i should of went 2.5 exhaust instead of the 2.25 plus still needs jetting and timing dialed in.


Doesn't matter anymore, it has a FJ20 in it's future I believe, so you should just sell the 2.3, someone will buy it.

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Wayno you are buff. Looks like one of those rounds would make a cool table.


I don't look like a body builder, but I don't give up easily either, I had to cut some of them rounds to make them round, so I could roll them into the back yard, some of them weighed 500/600lbs, one fell on it's side when I rolled it out of the truck, the neighbor had to come over and help me get it back on it's edge, the biggest one I got half way back there and had to stop to rest.

There is over a cord in them 11 pieces.

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OK, I have touched on this before, and I need to figure this out, this is the type of rearend we are talking about, it is the heavy duty 720 dually rearend, it looks like the late 4X4 rearend case.

This is what the spiders look like,


and this is the issue, the shaft holding the side side gears has made the hole it is in oval.



You can see, it is significantly damaged.




I need to fix this, it made no howling noise, the only reason I figured out it was bad, was the bell type noise the driveline made when it(the shaft in the carrier) shifted in its hole, there is no slop in the ring and pinion, it just makes the driveline clang like a bell.

Is this the same setup that is in the late type 720 4X4 rearend, I need to either fix it, or I am going to weld it solid, but that will permanently fix the spiders in the carrier without any chance of ever removing them.

The issue is that my dually rearend in my work truck now is making the same clanging noise this one was making, it's not near as loud yet, but it is definitely the same noise, I need to figure out what avenue to go fairly soon, I have another dually rearend out back, but it has 4.625 gearing in it, and while I am sure that will slow me down on the freeway, I really don't want to be turning 4000+rpms just trying to keep up with traffic, I have 437s now, and they are just fine for what I use the truck for.

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