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siqx20's 620 k/c


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It got parted and scraped. :( it was in storage and te ex decided it couldn't be there anymore. So I had to clean everything out and find a solution through a weekend. So I stripped what I could in the minimal time and sent the rest to the scrapper. It was really hard. And really sucked. But life obviously had other plans. My living situation currently did not support a place to stow it or continue working on it. Sorry guys. :(

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I do! im excited myself. IM gonna bring this old truck back to life.



I kno right!? I wish it was treated better. Its a great truck and runs amazingly. I will do her good.



If u come accross any info on this truck that would be great! i would love to have seen it in its prime. Plz lemme kno biggrin.gif




YUP biggrin.gif picked it up for $850! It was a steal!


Really? $850!! Damm what a steal. Practically given to you..Thats great man. I'm happy for you.

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I know man. But 90% of it went to good homes. Steve and his brother u loaded a lot of it for their projects, kipp got some doors, someone else got the driveline, Jacob got a l20 block and a 5 speed, dale got a full swap, aloe of stuff will go towards the blue truck, the wheels that were for it will prolly go on the 720, there is lots more that moved to new homes. The only thing that was wasted was the cab and bed. And that was due to I couldn't find homes for it in the short time I had. The cab was stripped completely down to a bare shell so no internals got wasted. It was not any fun. But I did the best I could with the very short time I had.

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