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My 72 Chevelle

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My father and i along with ALOT OF HELP finished this project a few months ago. Now that the project is over i purchased my 510 to further extend my knowledge and skills on building cars. hope you guys like her cuz i enjoy the heck out of it!



ZZ4 GM create engine

355 HP / 400 f/lb

Shorty headers / 3" all the way with electric cut outs




hotchkis TVS


(so far it dosnt look like we are getting the car to sit the way we want it so we may go coilovers or some sort of air ride)



As of now we have fully Dynomated the interior and are working with two used 300Z seats. This thursday we are sending it to the upholstery shop where they will have the car for a month (i will miss it)

Radio: Clarion CZ500

Front Speakers: Focal 165 A1

Rear Speakers:Clarion SRQ6932R

Sub Woofer:WOv2 15WOv2 100-500W RMS ( Built in wood box on driver side of trunk)

Amp: Arc Audio KS 900.6 (Located by battery)



just look at it :-)





























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I am terrified to do a burnout in this thing. I have spent way to much blood sweat and tears call me a pussy I don't care lol. This thing is made to Cruz and it dose it better then any car. BUT when the headers are open it's a different game and at every stoplight it's full throttle when the light goes green and it dose get a little smokey :-)

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me and my cousin built a 69 chevelle.. we got a 4 bolt main 350 and bored it 30 over then gathered together stroker kit so its a 388 full floating assembly h beams flattops dual pattern cam camel hump heads with some work... rockers lifters pretty much everything.. victor jr manifold holley 750 double pumper and 200 shot... running 10's all day... oh and gears out of a blazer 4x4 10 bolt posi.. with a turbo 400 3500 stall and shift kit really fun car to drive

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So would it be ok if i brought this out to this weekends meet? or is that something that is frond upon?


Bring it I would love to see it. We have had a couple people show up in non datsun appreal.

We had a guy with a corvair with a big block in it show up. :cool:

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