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Anyone looking for a garage?


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Well, I'm getting ready to move to a place with a garage. Where I live now doesn't have one, so I rent one. It's at 6011 NE Oregon St., about a block from I-84. I don't want it anymore, and maybe someone here is looking for a one. So, here goes...

About the garage:


It's managed by Cascade Community Services. I pay $95 per month including electricity (and water, but they never said anything about it and I never asked using it. There's a spigot a few garage doors down.) But, and here's the hard part, when I signed the lease they asked for a $200 security deposit and wanted something like $45 for a credit check. Plus, it's a year lease. It's a decent size and has a workbench in it and pretty decent lighting. It's below a web design office. There's also a vocal coach, a message therapist, and a psychologist. I've never really had any complaints from them about noise (I've ran an angle grinder), but I usually work in there evenings and weekends. The web design guys said something about the smell the day after I was rattle canning my engine bay. The other garage bays are mostly rented by a carpet cleaning business, one is just someone's storage. You're technically not allotted a parking space, but if everyone is gone I'll park in a spot while I'm there. There's a dumpster, sometimes it's locked.


In an ideal world I'd break my lease on the garage at the same time (March 1st. That's flexible, but I should have all my stuff out of there next weekend) someone would contact the property management place and ask to rent the garage. And everything works out.



In a less than ideal, but still okay, world I would sublease the garage.





That is the garage I speak of. It's pretty decent with just one truck in there. Two is a little tight. There's just enough room behind the 521 for an engine on a dolly. The 520 is pretty much shoehorned in there.

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