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Put wire wheels on the 63 Mercury

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I decided to try my 17" 100 spoke knock off wire wheels on my 63 Mercury Meteor Wagon. I was concerned that they would rub in the rear wells. I took it to work to test fit them, after that I kinda jumped the gun and just finished installing them. They ride amazing, car just floats down the road now. I also decided to give it a bath, since it hasn't had one in over 12 years, (been in a barn 12 years before I got it).


Don't be shy, tell me your thoughts on how they look. You won't hurt my feelings.









Before I washed it...


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love the car, but dont care for the wheels. never really liked the bigger spoke wheels.



but its your car, and the spokes are better than jack stands!!!!

I like those wheel on your 510 profile picture

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Pimp!!!!! Nice ride. Bag it and lay it out!





BTW, is that the factory rocker trim? Lose it. :)



Yea thats the factory trim, I think it will fall off on its own eventually. The wagon has seen better days, it would need alot of work before I could bag it.

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South Haven Beach during a storm chase....






at work






Ont the way to the Lanes Automotive Car Show.... This pic is on their website under 2011 Annual Car Show, they actually took this photo. There was almost 2000 cars showed there and they posted 360ish pictures and my car was one of them.



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I hate wire wheels.

Working at the only shop in town that will touch them really makes you grow to hate them.

But personally, not fond of the looks.


BUT, I think your wagon looks sick.

The wheels complete the package.

Bags and/or lake pipes would take this thing off the deep end.

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bitchin wagon, but the wheels look like shit, not a fan of wire wheels at all... sweet wagon tho, what motor does it have?



Motor is a 260 windsor bolted to a 3 speed manual trans column shift.

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