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1971 521

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71 521


Body is in excellent shape, one or two small dings (you gotta feel for em). No cancer, some surface rust in spots but nothing serious and easily fixed.


Motor work done;

Motor has been rebuilt, cylinders honed, new bearings, rear main seal, rings etc, new water pump

Original head has been replaced with an A87, i believe its a peanut head (its remanned as well)

Transmission was taken out and seals/bearings were replaced, clutch has been replaced

Carrier bearing was replaced within ~20k miles (it was a few years ago, but low miles since)

Brakes were gone thru, new shoes, new seals, new bearings. They were adjusted about 4 months ago, about 1500 miles since.

New tires, and rims from les schwab.

New shocks up front, as well as the rear. Add a leaf in the rear.

NOS tail lights and buckets installed, new driver side window regulator.

New battery

New voltage regulator

Alt has been rebuilt

Weber carb with manual choke (works great too!)

New clutch slave/master & hard line, i think the soft line was replaced too

Regular oil changes, maintenance has been kept up.

New 1 3/4 Exhaust into a turbo muffler.

Crack free Dash

Seat has some rips in drivers side, seat cover is junk too and needs replaced.

I know there is more that i am missing but you get the idea



Some of this work is recent, some is older, but all within ~20K miles



There's thousands of dollars in receipts on this truck and you will get them all. ~$9000+


The left turn signal does not work. Hazard lights did for a while but don't anymore, I am sure its just the flasher relay needing replaced.


I cleaned the gas tank out, but the filler neck needs replaced. its cracked pretty bad and stuff is getting in there. I just cleaned the carb out today and put a new paper filter on it (see thru), and cleaned the glass filter out. Took it for a run around town and its been great. I would suggest dropping the tank one more time, cleaning it, and replacing the filler hose to eliminate the issue.


$1500 Firm. I am throwing in a good dogleg with this. I was told it whines in third, since its already out you can replace the bearing easily before putting it in the 521...


Please no "GLWS" or comments. Any questions, PM me.






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Please no "GLWS" or comments.



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Think shes a good d/d candidate? Got the door panels or they gone? Tailgate?


Oh the things I would do for that dash :blink:



Yeah, ive been driving it every day, and taken it on a few trips 300+ miles. Just need the fuel tank cleaned out and a new filler neck.


No door panels sorry, no tail gate either just that net.


Have clean/clear title. Good tabs

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