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help where does this go?


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It pulls warm air off the outside of the exhaust manifold. If you live in Long Beach, California, probably not necessary. If you live in Long Beach, Washington, you probably need it hooked up in the winter, it will make your car run better.

I have actually had the carburettor ice up on a Datsun 521 driving in the winter.

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On a GM it's called a stove pipe and brings air warmed by the hot exhaust to the air cleaner snorkel. On a cold engine it helps the carb to vaporize the fuel easier. In damp weather near zero (fog,sleet,freezing rain) it prevents frost from forming on the carb venturi. (carb icing) There is a vacuum operated thermostatic valve in the snorkel that senses air below 85F and opens to allow warmed air. Under heavy throttle the low vacuum will close the valve and run cool air for better performance. Any temp between 85F and 130F the valve is partly open and above 130F it is closed.


Operating properly the motor warms quicker, runs smoother, gives better mileage over a wider range of temperature ranges.

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It's called a heat riser.

It's not really mandatory, but in cold weather it helps with operation of the engine by pulling hot air from the exhaust manifold and feeding it up to the intake to a valve that is vacuum controlled and is open when the engine is cold, to allow the warmer air into the intake.

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