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Real Centerline Wheels

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These just came off the 510 I bought. I can't locate anything on the wheel that shows the size or offset, but I did find info here.




I believe these are the 14x6 rears and 15x3.5 fronts. The offset in the rear I think is close to +0-10, but I cannot be 100% sure, I am basing this on fitment I have seen in comparison to the zero offset wheels I just put on the car.


Bolt pattern 4x114.3


The wheels come with the Mag Shank lug nuts.


The tires are practically brand new Nankang N-803 size 135 R15 72S on the fronts, and Toyo T1R-S on the rear size 195/55R14 82V.


Asking $550













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Hey GT, I was just wondering if these wheels are still up for sale. I know that I'm a little (read: VERY) late to the thread here, but I hope that they might still be lying around somewhere. I am currently working on a project 1962 Corvair and these wheels are the exact set I was looking for. I hope to hear back from you soon.


Thanks much!

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