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So my coverage is up next month, and I've been trying to look around (unsucessfully) for a new provider. I'm being yanked around so I wanna look for someone new, even though they're the cheapest I've found ($800 for the year, just liability, but I do want more coverage since its built up now). The site I would try to get quotes from don't seem to have options for earlier than '81. If it matters the car in question is a '73 Z, but just to have a ballpark for pre-81 is fine for me.

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Because of the sheer number of cars I have, I have broadform insurance which runs close to $1200/year for liability only (100/300/100) BUT it covers anything I drive up to 1-ton payload whether I own the vehicle or not. I got tired of altering my standard policy every 3 weeks, since I can only drive one car at a time AND none of my cars are worth full covereage, it was stupid to pay for 4 or 5 policies (averaging $600/year each).


Very few of the name-brand companies carry broadform, because they don't make much money AND they don't know what you're driving, but some do. If you only have 1 or 2 cars, you have more than one driver, OR you want comprehensive/collision/theft/etc then you need to go the individual policy route.


What I found is that it's sometimes better to find an insurance broker rather than going directly to a name-brand company. Usually the brokers can find you a policy that fits your needs. As crazy as it sounds, the places that do SR-22 insurance for DWI convicts will write policies for standard, good drivers, and can find you pretty good rates. But it's hit and miss, since some really are scammers that jack the rates up, so bring in a quote or 2 from the "Name brand" companies and they might be able to beat the price.

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I have USAA but only for service members (current or prior) or for the immediate family of the same. I'm very happy with them. I have my banking (checking/savings and credit) with them along with my insurance, my home loan (still waiting on closing) and will use them for my home insurance as well. I would use them for my motorcycle insurance as well, but they don't do that for some reason yet. For the motorcycle I have progressive.

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I have had broadform in the past also, but was unable to get the numbers mentioned above. Do you realize how much new cars/trucks are worth these days, you hit one without good coverage and you will lose your house, they total them out if the radiator gets punctured(fluids hit the ground) these days. My sister works for one of the insurance companys, it drives her nuts that some of the collision repair companys charge so much that the vehicle gets totaled, that company then buys the totaled vehicle for pennys, fixes it, then sells it for a fortune with a branded title, but it didn't cost what that company was saying they wanted to fix it. They win either way.:angry: Don't buy branded vehicles(newer ones) and maybe that practice will stop. wayno

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I go through a broker here, and the only reason I don't just go straight to Progressive is that my insurance guy is awesome. He knows me on a first-name basis, is very efficient, helps me out whenever I need it, and doesn't screw me around. If I have to pay $10 a month more(not quite sure how much more it costs), it's worth it, because if anything happens, I have Brian as an advocate to deal with the insurance company on my behalf. Trying to deal directly w insurance companies can be such a pain in the ass, because to them, alot of times you're just another account.

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i went threw cost you less insurance(broker) they found me a company (scj)that gives me liability and uninsured motorist coverage plus a little more then the minimum coverage for 61 bucks a month so like said above try the borkers progressive quoted me at 200 a month for the same coverage

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I've used Allstate basically forever now, they used to (probably still do actually) give you a "fleet" insurance if you ran over 4 or (5?) cars and this could be across one family (info circa 2004). The extra cars worked out to usually under ~$10 per month (ex: my 521 was $7 per month). They also would cover anything you drove which was nice when picking up a different vehicle. Right now I pay $150 per month for three cars with full replacement on the wife's car and extended injury and unisured coverage. They also didn't dick around about paying out after my accident, and the rate only went up a little bit for 3 years.

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In my experience it is cheaper getting quotes online. Some of the bigger companies offer discounts when ordering online, because it is less work for them. But to be safe you could compare quotes online, pick the best offer and try a local agency to see if they can match it or do better.


I recommend this site for online comparing:



hmmmmm, interesting first post.......


what kind of Datsun do you have Brian?

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The cost depends on the driver, not on the car. Under 25? Expensive. Bad driving record? Expensive. Only if you are getting collision/comprehensive does the car matter (or should matter with most companies).


State Farm is awesome. They are not the cheapest, but are OK pricewise. I pay $60/month for my Datsun which includes tow insurance and is for daily driver. Never had to use it because my Datsun has never broken down. But my wife's newer cars have a few times. State Farm come through when there is an accident. In the last 25 years they paid out full price on three totaled vehicles -- even when it happend in another state they took care of it right while I was there.


For my Datsun pickup, I have classic car insurance, $200/year. This kind of insurance does not allow drving it to work. It was Hagerty's with towing and stated value, but I will probably go with American Classic for a 10% savings. Hagerty's say they do not insure pickups unless they are special, so I sent them photos and a desciption and they agreed it was a collector-worthy pickup. They said they wouldn't insure my 1972 sedan because it wasn't their kind of classic vehicle.

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I pay $14.00 per month on my 1969 Datsun 510 with FULL COVERAGE up to $10,000 should my car get totaled. SO if my car get's totaled, I immediately get a $10,000 check in the mail.

I also have the highest limits 250/100/500 and on top of that $1,000,000 in coverage for negligence. My car is rated as an Antique Classic with under 7,500 miles per year... NO ONE CAN BEAT $14.00 per month for how much coverage I have.

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We use a agent too it works good for us we currently have Metlife for 3 vehicles and I think we pay like $120 every three months. Seems like good coverage but thank God we have never used it. Had the same for the last 8 years. With the agent its easy to add or take cars off just give em a call and they have a card ready for you quick and you just pay when you get your regular bill.

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