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Slammy - 92 Chevy

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Guess ill finally put a build thread up for this truck. Truck is from lousiana, was already bagged and stock floored and its in a for a complete new frame.


Not gonna be anything too crazy, just going for a clean build. Stock floored on 22" Bonspeeds, Jag IRS out back converted to use CV axles with custom built spindles and control arms. Havent decided if im gonna build the front suspension or not.


As of now this is gonna be a slow build, i work full time but its supposed to only be for a few contracts. After that i will get on this 100%












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That is sure a very interesting rear axle setup, converting the Jag to ?? Looks like chevy astro awd axles and front wheel bearings.


Should be a very cool build


Yup they are astro parts, good guess!! haha I went this route for a few reasons. First is cause its the right wheel bolt pattern, it is alittle narrower and it doesnt use the expensive jag parts.

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Been busy as hell at work but was able to get alittle done this weekend. I had the hub jig plates cut last weekend and finally got them mounted up. I ordered a third CV axle since i had two that didnt match.


So today i was finally able to bolt all this mess together.





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Well i have been doing stuff with this project, just havent done anything physical. I designed and had these rails made and i have designed and have all the IRS geometry done, just need to make the parts now. This is the first part of the puzzle! I have some more stuff going on also, stay tuned!







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