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weber adjustment

620 rust bucket

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hey so I just bought a weber for my 620. and its burning through fuel like crazy. and its idle is super freakin jumpy. what do I need to do. by the way I'm new to the car world. oh and the hose that goes to the the thing next to the distributor keeps poping off when I high rev should I just use a hose clamp, or what.I am guessing thats why the idle is so jumpy.

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Webers' use a lot of fuel, more then the stock for sure. You may need to adjust the air/fuel screw a lil to figure it out. Also, check you timing first, that could be another cause. If that doesn't do it, there are pages of info on this site that can help you more.

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try a fuel pressure regulator, the weber works best at about 4lbs. for street. any more than that and fuel will blow past the needle and seat, making tuning all but impossible. i run my weber at 3 lbs and love it. also i live at 8000 feet so a re jet was def in order.there are tons of jet kits out there for these carbs and well worth the money. you can buy adjustable fuel pressure regulators at most parts stores right off the shelf. they are universal fit and you want to make sure that you can dial it down to the single digits. give it a shot and share what you think

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