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crankcase breather hose HELP! L16


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There might be a little moisture in that hose from 'sweat' forming inside the block on start up. The hose would have to be split for it to get out and it wouldn't be much to begin with. Check the hose for cracks and tight clamps.


If it's dripping all the time it must be dripping down off the intake. So check the intake and the exhaust mounting bolts are snug. Does your intake have this small outlet hose on it?


The small outlet just forward of the carb mounting studs. The finger is pointing to the water passage from the head into the intake. This is another leak point if the manifold bolts are not tight.620intake002Large.jpg




The hose connected to it tends to be unnoticed and forgotten and they just rot away and leak. It could drip onto the heat shield under the intake and drip down on the exhaust.

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A little 'steam like' condensation on start up is normal, but once warmed up goes away. If it has white (steam) all the time then likely the gasket is failing.


Does the rad water go down?


This could suddenly get very much worse as lead to a bad overheating and warping of the head. Or leave you stranded. Best to fix ASAP.

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