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1974 Datsun 620 Pickup

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Hey guys,


I'm selling the 620, need cash for rent and more focus on the Z. Price for all the spare parts, extra set of wheels, and truck is $1800 for anyone on here :) I hate to see her go, but I need to sell asap.



Details: 1974 Datsun 620 Pickup truck with a lot of extra parts. Right now it sits lowered 2 inches, on new Chevy wheels, tires are decent. The clutch is soft and takes some getting used to, the original paint is in good condition, well taken care of. The truck was last registered in Oregon where I bought it and I had it shipped down here last year. Registration was up this January, 2011. Clean title. I've been using it as a daily driver commuting from Santa Ynez to Santa Barbara everyday, although it leaks a little bit of oil from the oil pan gasket, I just put on a new head gasket.


As for the extras, I've got an L20 block, peanut head with a fresh valve job, rings, pistons, bearings, gaskets, to put together for a brand new engine. I've also got another L18 that seized but parts are still usable off of it for the new engine, the one that's currently in the truck, or if you don't want it I can scrap it.







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I thought 74 was pre smog in cali... I cant believe people arent jumping on this, it looks SOLID, complete and straight as hell.


If it was local Id be asking what engine/carb/trans it had in it now and try and beat some pics of the interior and engine out of you. Also is the ratsun logo painted or is it a sticker? ...easily removed either way... Its too clean to be a real ratsun :rolleyes: That thing would be sharp as shit all polished up and lowered a couple inches on some stock wheels and caps or some blazer rallyes.

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Thanks guys.


More pics... cause it it Ratsun :P












Just ignore all the BS in it right now. The only rust the truck has is minor surface stuff in the bed, which you can see from the pics aren't bad at all, and the floor boards inside the truck, where your feet sit there are tiny holes and lots of surface rust, but its still stable. It has a ding in the back right next to the tailgate on the drivers side, and a ding in front of the back passenger wheel well, a big ass diamond plate bumper with a tow ball. The Ratsun logo is a sticker, very easily removed. interior is clean for 37 years old.

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I didn't want to send a wishful thinking post but if I didn't have to take another loan out, I would be all over this truck. I met my frustration yesterday when I had to ask a friend to lend me their truck and he almost didn't show up. I was literally going to put a j engine in the back seat of my honda civic.


sweet ride. I hopesomeone jumps on this.

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