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Flushing gas tank


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To clean my 710 tank, I drained removed it, took the sender out. Grabbed two heaping handfulls of driveway gravel and dumped it in and shook it like a cocktail mixer. Rinsed out with garden hose. Let dry re install good to go. Drove to Canby and the rest of the summer.

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mine is worse than i thought it sounds like theres two handfuls of dirt in there already, but its a good idea


Well mine had floaters and scaly stuff in it. A filter would last 20 miles and would fill with rusty paste. Probably just draining would have gotten most of it. My replacement tank was actually worse. It looked like the gas had dried to a 1/4" thick varnish and had cracked into scrabble tiles. I got it pretty clean but the varnish was all over the sender and pickup and decided to clean the original and use it instead. The see through filter's been on almost a year and is clean. BTW, being a cheap bastard Datsun owner, I gravity fed the 'dirty' gas through a funnel, hose and hose filter to clean it. It went in bright orange and came out like pale beer. Put it back in the tank. Just amazing.... not how clean it was but how cheap I can be.

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Take out the tank, remove sender, fill with some cleaning solvent, put some pieces of chain inside, seal all exits and shake it around real good for a while. Drain out, refil and repeat until it looks better. That worked for me!


Did the same with my first 520 tank,chain,bolts and what ever else fits inside and shake till your arms hurt and them some more!

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