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So i won this contest...

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Street source magazine did a "build your mini for sema" contest and i got called friday night to bring my 620 to phoenix for final judging and after an awesome bring the noize show they announced the winner and i won!! everything i ever dreamed of doing to my truck is going to be done for me for free. i cant believe i got a full sponsorship!! and i will get a feature in streetsourcemagazine.com and in mini-truckin magazine!!! :hyper:

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i will get as many pics up as i can as soon as i get them. no they dont get to be co-owner on my truck and they wont put decals all over it the shop that is sponsoring the whole thing is Airizona artworks in phoenix so they wont want to put anything on the truck that would destroy my paint and graphix. its a two year contract so i get to go to shows all over the southwest and show off my truck.



p.s. im a girl LOL!

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AMAZING!!!! This is a dream come true for so many of us! I hope you can document some of the build for us, but I understand if they won't let you because of the Mag tie in.


Wow, like Overhaulin for Datsuns!

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It is soooo crazy! i won on sunday and i still walk outside and expect to see my datsun in the driveway! I am going to try to document some of the build but mini-truckin is doing a tech article, feature, and the story on the truck and me. my biggest sponsors at the moment are Autocore Kustoms, Auto Culture, Al's Liner, Mini-truckin, Street source, Hydroholics, and Stripping shop. i think its a couple guys from severed ties that are going to be doing the heavy building. my whole block is being rebuilt some things are being upgraded and it will be powder coated. then all the suspension brakes and rear end will be changed. the bullet is being stretched all the way down the side of the bed. we haven't even started talking about the interior, graphics or the inside of the bed! :P

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