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Do you want to do a headgasket?

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Getting rather concerned with my mechanic, he has been very busy lately and I have reason to believe my rebuilt motor with 8K on it has a blown head gasket. :angry: He said my lower radiator hose had a leak and it over heated. <_< I would think a leaky hose would be rather hard to miss. But anyway, I am looking for one or more of you Ratsuners would want to knock it out if I decide to give someone else a shot at my business. If you have a PC that could use a wipe and reload and upgrades, or want some electronics gear like car audio/ security/ gadgets/ LED’s or something else I could help out with. Or if a bunch of you want to come in and I will fire up the grill and serve up some scrapper steaks and ice cold beer, let me know. But I need to get this fixed, the pathfinder is one thirsty SOB and I want my 720 back! :crying: Ask Pumpkin what happens when I get ahold of a PC! :ninja:

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ive done probably 15 of those..you can do it!get out your repair manual and just do it.its not that bad.you need a timing shim(make from wood)super easy.I believe 10mm allen socket for the head bolts a scraper and a razor blade to remove any remnants of the old gasket on the deck.A straight edge to check the head for true.a set of sockets with extention for the the intake/exhaust bolts, a gallon of coolant and about 3 hours.



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