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510 rear race springs on my 210


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Yup so I had some spare time to work on my 210 yesterday, and took out the stock Old Rear Coil Springs and swapped them in with some 510 Rear Springs. I had taken these springs off a 72 510 Racecar so they are way stiffer and shorter in length then the stock 210 Springs.


All you do if your gonna change the springs in your 210 is:



Jack up the car by the Rear End (Middle) put a piece of wood to even out the weight, then put 2 jack Stands on each of the Bottom 2 Links (bars that connect from the chassis to the rear end), Now loosen up the bottom of the shocks, now that they are loose lower your Jack and ur rear end should go down to a point where the bottom of the shocks sit above its bracket where they go. Oh and you will ofcourse need to take the wheels off :D , that way you can fit a spring compressor in there. Now just compress down the spring and put your foot on top of the Brake Drum so you can push down on the rear end and once you push it down you can pull out the spring.


Now to put them in was a Breeze for me, because since the Race Springs were 3 inches shorter than the stock springs, all i did was push down on the rear end and Boom Slide the Spring right on in there. Lowered the car maybe about 1 inch only, i really dont care because all i wanted was a stiffer rear suspension. I can deffinately feel those big bumps now :lol: but taking corners and Sliding side ways is deffinately alot easier, car just kinda Oversteers on its own now. Better Drifting Now!! :hyper:


Now the front kinda sits up a bit higher now which sucks, but maybe this week i will take the front struts/springs out and cut them down maybe 2 or 3 inches and hopefully that will give me a stiffer spring rate and ofcourse lower it down a bit.

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