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Installing boxed flared fenders

Rustina 510

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So. I have a full set of boxed fenders, the front fenders shouldn't be a problem.


But the rear fenders are raising some questions on how to blend, their is about a 3-4 inch area beyond where the fender hits the body. Normally I would shave this down to about 1/4 inch and bond it to the body with m3 8115 fiberglass to metal adhesive.


But a buddy of mine and a guy who's advice is well received told me this extra material is for blending.


I've done body work quite a bit and I have never seen a blend area so dam large, but I have never done a full boxed fender b4 so, naturally, I'm askin for any advice that will help.


I'll post pics asap

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I wished I had taken pics of when I tore my boxes off. It was kinda mind boggling how much mud was on it. 1/2" in some spots and 3/4" in the back corner. I dont think there is a set distance for blending, you just keep adding till it looks straight. Mine was blended to the door and at the door the mud was still almost a 1/4". Dont know if my car is a good example but it looked straight.

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Mud, then more mud, I was thinking to shave the blend area down to where the fender connects to the body, bonding it really well so it won't ever go anywhere, and bondo and blend that seem to the original body.


But for safety of the body parts, I will try to blend the entire area BEFOR I decide to start cutting the fenders up.


That shot isn't cheap

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Well I cut out the passenger rear fender, and the wheel well, still have a bit more to go in raising the wheel well but it's lookin great.


Everat, how far up was the fender cut on yours? I have made about 5 inches worth o over all tire room and think I might be able to double it if I really go for broke.


That means I can have a low pro 18 by 10 in wheel in the back. That is huge

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