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1971 Datsun 510 2 door

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1971 510

Street legal, tagged and insured in CA

setup for street/ strip duties .Neither motor being sold with the car has had a any Nitrous run through it, The setup uses a BFT to make horsepower the nitrous is there as a 50 rwh shot to spool the big turbo at the drag strip.

Recently rebuilt L28et bottom end with N42 ( new valve job, seals guides) head is currently in the car with a 7,5 psi tune (248rwh)

Included is a L30 stroker motor VO7 crank, 133mm Cunningham rods NRC custom forged pistons. Professionally ported (over 1k in work) N42 head with stainless valves and NISMO retainers and springs with custom ground WEB turbo cam with spray bar.

AME EMS with custom wiring harness, AEM twinfire ignition, AEM injector driver, The AEM runs a dual/fuel setup that uses 87 octain while regular driving and E85 under boost using seperate fuel systems.

The car uses a Ford EDIS coilpack driven by the AEM using a front 12 tooth wheel and a custom cam sensor for injector/igintion timing. The primay gasoline injectors (240cc) are sequential and the E85 injectors (1600cc) are batch fired.A Bosch EFI pump is used on the gasoline side and two Bosch 044 pumps are used for the E85.

The Transmission is a T56 six speed with a Rockland standard gear 750rwh drag kit. With a custom adaptor bell housing.

The clutch/ flywheel is a tripple disc 10,000 rpm kevlar unit good to 700 rwh.

The drivine is custom with Spicer competition U joints.

The rear end is R200 with NISMO LSD with 3.700 gears, the halfshafts have NISMO soild competetion U joints.

The front suspention uses Proshock coilover kits and Tokico Illuminas with Moog Camber plates and a Froula strut brace and a Quickor 25mm front sway bar all bushings are uretane.

The rear crossmember sits on aluminum bushings, all other bushings are urethane. The crossmember is adjustable to camber, caster and toe. Proshock coilvers are used as well as 800 lb springs with airbags. A Quickor 19mm sway bar with heim joints keeps the rear end in line.

A SCCA and NHRA 8 point legal cage is in the car (the car is very stiff for a 510).

Norskgog Digital Gauges are used for the speedo/tach with autometer for the water temp, oil pressure, and boost gauges and EGT. An AEM wideband 02 gauge is used.

The car sits on 13x7 Libras with Summitomo 205/60/13.

The front fenders are fiberglass, the rear window and quarters are lexan.

A Courbou drivers seat is used with 4 point belts a 11.5 lb fiberglass seat is on the passenger side.

The car needs a paintjob and some additional cosmetic work. mechanically everthing works and was built to withstand 500 +rwh. The car also comes with a set of cusom valved 90/10 front coilovers and a set of "skinnys" on 14"x 5.5 rims and a set of 13x7x 24.5 rear Micky Thompson slicks on 13x7 Libra wheels. The car with the L28et and a decent tune (300 rwh) should be capable of low 12's high 11's with the built L30 stroker motor and a 450+ rwh tune low 11's high 10's are possible.



Neither motor that is being sold with the car has had any nitrous run through it. The nitrous setup although a port setup is only for drag strip duties and only a 50 horsepower shot.

Neither motor that is being sold with the car has had any nitrous run throug them. The power that the T67 is capable of producing make the nitrous system moot (it is on the car only to spool the turbo at the strip ).The car is street legal and driven regularly and has spent it's life in the desert climate of central CA. With the six speed 30+ mpg is possible if driven in an adult fashion on the freeway.


I am asking 10.5 k for the car if interested or have additional questions email me at ghavner510@gmail.com









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