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Street race accident from my bedroom window..

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So I was drawing and checking my class schedule for tomorrow when SCREEEEEE BOOOM!!!!!!!!!!

I look out my window and the power post is down and two cars were hit. I ran outside to see a 2007 2 ton silverado all fucked up and a 2006 V6 Mustang convertible hit bad. I first run up to the silverado and no one was there. It was a parked car. Then I run up to the Mustang and there was a black man unconscious and having a hard time breathing. BLOOD every fucken were. But the sad thing we could not do nothing. We could not touch him or move him from his seat. He was there just bleeding to death with a big head injury. Everyone called the cops! They got here in around 20 minutes. I hope the man survived man. That was fucked up!


Ok... Lesson learned? If the man died, I pretty much watched a man die today. I was not scared or grossed out. I was more interested in saving the man and keeping him company. But the fear or lawsuit we left the man alone...



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When I was 18(1997), I was walking home from a friends house. I had to cross a bridge. (Oregon City/Hwy 99) The bridge was 2 lanes, both ways. So I was walking north. This F-150 was heading south. No other cars were anywhere near either one of us. I remember looking at the truck, think that it was going WAY to fast. Well, the guardrails for the sidewalks had this odd slope to 'em. Sure as shit. This guy bobs right just a bit. Passenger side wheels ramp up on these rails. He goes flying. His truck twists thru the air. His driver side door is now facing the ground, and is about 6 feet from the street. He is airborne for close to 25 feet? SLAM!!! Truck slams down on drivers door, skids for another 20 feet. When it comes stop, traffic actually starts showing up. This truck is taking up 1 north, and one south bound lane. And the way the truck was sitting, you couldn't see any lights. Not to mention how dark it is on this bridge. I run towards the traffic as fast as I can. Need to keep distance around truck. Tearing off my black clothes, waving my arms. Finally get one way to stop. Time to get the other to stop. So I go running south. Get them to stop. Back then, 1 in 10 people had a cell phone, so who knows how the cops/EMT's got there. I ran back to truck after getting traffic settled, with enough room for an ambulance to get thru. I climb the underside of his truck to stand on the passenger side. I open the door, and yell down to him. He responds that he's awake. I tell him I'm getting in his truck to turn it off, watch your eyes/head. A tire iron flung out of his truck feet away. I slammed his rear window for what it was worth. Glass everywhere. I reach in, turn off the ignition, and tell him not to move-but keep asking him questions, talking to him until help arrived. When the police finally arrived, they tried to usher me out of there so they could pull him out thru the broken window. I said no. Not until an EMT kicks me out. The fuzz went back to directing traffic, that until then didn't budge an inch. EMT's showed, and told me they have it from here. I walk over to the cops. Tell them I saw the whole thing, ask if they want a statement. They said I need to get out of there considering I hadn't done anything to help out as it was. I was confused as to why the ONLY witness wasn't asked as to what happened. Even the next day in the paper, they mentioned that someone was just kicking around the accident to witness the damage/carnage. Furious.


I don't mean to thread jack, really. I beat myself up for years by not helping that guy out. I am now a lot older, and less dumber. I look back at it now, and realize that there was absolutely nothing different that I could/should have done. I do not know a single civilian that would have done anything more beneficial either.


Don't beat yourself up. You really did the best thing you could have possibly done. Good job.

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Nah... I am not terrified or nothing. It was white cutlass I think. Then his homies showed up. They had another 1970 burgundy cutlass on 22's and I think a 1980 Malibu on flat black on pro weld stars. The Mustang convert looked stock down to the gay v6 rims. I don't know why he started to race and what caused the accident.


The flat bed is there to take the cars. It was REALLY bad....



All I can say Is I am praying that fool is ok.

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I was driving down McLaughlin in Gladstone and watched a VW cabriolet get drilled head on by a full size dodge.


I pulled my 510 over right away. I got like 3 steps from my car and saw his engine bay go up in flames so I ran back to get my fire extinguisher.

lucky I had one cuz no one else did.

I was putting the fire out and a few other guys pulled the dude out and out of the middle of the street.


he was in a lot better shape then I was expecting (the VW was fucked) but still pretty beat up.



Iv carried a fire extinguisher in my cars for years and never had to use it. never know when your gonna need it.

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When I was in the Navy a bunch of us used to go on rides on the weekend up through the twisties in Half Moon Bay. When we were leaving the front gate at NAS Alameda we took a right turn and this new guy that only had been riding a couple of weeks punched it, lost control and hit dead square into a power pole and died instantly. I sold my bike and never rode again.


I think it sucks that you couldn't do anything to help that person out, do you guys have some strict state laws that prevent you from helping?

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I dont mean to be insensitive but if the guy racing on the street was the one injured or killed thats the way it should be.Its better than somebody just driving home from work or the store that ends up hurt.You gotta have a small brain and big balls to even think about racing on the street.

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I've seen people killed in street racing accidents. Don't feel bad for them at all. It's a terrible thing, but in the end they made the decision to race. Now, if it wasn't someone involved with the race that was injured or killed, it would be painful to watch.



I was driving along last Wednesday and had a Porsche 944 cut me off, brake check me, turn around on a dead end road, and black out his lights and almost hit me head on when he was trying to get away from me trying to get his plate. Regardless, cops got him before he killed anyone.

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I believe here we have the 'good Samaritan' law that says if you offer assistance you cannot be blamed for the outcome. ... and I quote: " In Canada, a good Samaritan doctrine is a legal orincipal that prevents a rescuer who has voluntarily helped a victim in distress from being successfully sued for 'wrongdoing'. Its purpose is to keep people from being reluctant to help a stranger in need for fear of legal repercussions should they make some mistake in treatment." Through work we take first aid courses and must ask a potential patient if we can help. If they refuse, (which is their right) we are instructed to stop. If they become unconscious or are unconscious, then consent is implied and we can render first aid until help arrives.



Compassion, empathy, kindness and mercy are uniquely human traits that we all should cultivate and aspire to. Those who demonstrate it or have occasion to practice it should be held in highest regard. To not be able to help a fellow human being in distress and in need of help for a real fear of legal law suit is intolerable.


Ok... Lesson learned? If the man died, I pretty much watched a man die today. I was not scared or grossed out. I was more interested in saving the man and keeping him company. But the fear or lawsuit we left the man alone...


motavated you are a compassionate human being who only wanted to help a fellow human being without prejudice.

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You are protected by Good Samaritan laws as long as you are acting within your level of training. A person that has had only CPR training cannot perform a tracheotomy on a patient because he has not been trained how to do so. There is a saying in the medical/first responder field that is drilled into your head from day one. "Above all else, do no harm."

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Only experience I have ever had was one rainy night I was driving home and saw a truck in the ditch vertical to the road (which isn't uncommon because people will unload four wheelers and things in that manner in the ditch) but at 12am in the rain? No.



Turns out the truck had flipped about three times and rode the treeline before ending up like it was and the drivers side door hit a tree and jammed, she was freaking the hell out and screaming her head off but then the girl heard my voice and recognized me, knew my name and everything. Her feet were lodged into the pedals somehow, the dash was just kind of sitting on her lap, and she had a cut on her head so I called the police and just waited there calming her down till they came. Ended up being a girl I had class with 2 years before. The sad part is I saw at least 7-8 cars pass me before I got there and they hadn't stopped.






I would show you pics of the truck but facebook just changed and you can't link pictures from there anymore, or at least I haven't figured out how to.

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