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Weber 32/36DGV on an A14


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Adapters are only $35 from the typical parts store. There are no special manifolds.


The Weber DGV/DFV is a bit big for the A-series (they also fit them to 4 liter engines...) but they will run better than a worn out stock carburetor.


I ran one for a couple of years until I found a low-mileage Hitachi. The Hitachi is smoother and more fuel-effiencient. The 32/36 outperforms it above 5,000 RPM.

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Adapters are only $35 from the typical parts store. There are no special manifolds.


Hot damn! That's if you can find them locally. lol None of my local parts store stock them. If I walk into a parts store and ask for Weber parts they look at me like I'm crazy blink.gif

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that national chains like autozone and o'reillys can order the adapter. It's not rare.


Autozones vendor is out of stock almost 24/7 on it. I check it every once in a while. dry.gif Most A-series parts are hard to get ahold of through AZ unless you have good timing. O'riellys down here must be too dumb to find it.


Mine was 42 not counting shipping from JAM.

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Thanks for all this info guys.


I have to find out what jets I have on my Weber. It was meant for my 510.

Now I'd like to use it in my 140Y.


The one selling on ebay looks like it may work except that it says that is for 75-78 B210.

My car is a 79 (210 equivalent).

Does anyone know if the are the same and if this adaptor will work?


What's the easiest way to find out what jets my weber has and what jets would be suitable for the A14?



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A 1979 140Y is a B310. The Datsun B310 was sold as 140Y in the caribbean and as 210 in north america. The B210 was 1974-1978, and uses the same carburetor types (Hitachi DCH-306) as the B310s. So the weber and adapter are the same for A14 on B210 or B310.


The 510 jets (for a stock 510) will run OK on an A14.

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