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Calling out the Corona Ratsuners

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I am visiting Corona for a few days.... from Canada.

I'd love to meet some of you and your rides.

How can we make this happen?


I am there from march 2-14. Not sure what my schedule woill be like , but I am sure we can arrange an evening with some beer and piza and Datsuns, of course...

Please let me know if you are interested.





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If your coming down in march you should try to come down on march 27th. Golden gardens 2011! three huge parking lots full of nissans! check out my video! I know the 27th is passed the time you said you will be here however it's worth going to if you can.

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I cant imagine Corona having a big Datsun scene. You may want to try a different city within driving distance, like Anaheim


Yea man. I think there are only like 2 or 3 datsun guys in corona.

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Yeah, My other cousin lives in Fullerton

and some more family in Norwalk and Long Beach...

I'd love to see everyone.

So, Goki, do you think a get together in your area is better?



as an ex-coronan, yes. There's definitely more Dattos in OC.



Calling all s.CAL locals: (Riverside/OC/LA)

Anyone interested in an informal meet/greet/eat?

Weekend? Weeknight?

Any preferences in location?


If anyone is interestd, I can ask Nick's Burgers if us Ratsun'ers can hold a small meet again.


Let me know (in this thread)


Once a date is decided, I'll see if that date is open or not. Deal?





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Has anyone checked their calendars?

Maybe we can meet sometime in the evening from march 8th on....

Goki and Datrod, are you guys still up for a small meet and maybe a cruise?


I'm down. Like I said we can hit the Torrance meet on friday the 4th.

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Hey John,

I'm taking you up on that.

I'd love to ride in your goon.

It looks sweeeet!!

Do they normally sell stuff at this meet like at a swap meet?


No they don't sell any parts just hang out.

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