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i need help

GrandPa kid

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ok so im new to ratsun, i have known about this website for a few years now but i just registered a few mins ago. now i drive a 1978 datsun 510. it has an l20b engine. for some reason the engine boggs out when i slightly step on the throttle. ive had the carburetor rebuilt twice and that didnt change anything. a few people have told me that the jets have to be replaced how ever that couldnt be the problem since the carb was rebuilt twice, or theres a leak in a vacuum line. i dont know what may be the problem and i was wondering if anyone here can give me a hand. thank you for your time. if you guys wanna see it i can post a few pics.

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sorry i took so long to reply. school, work, and band practice reduces my time to zero. so i checked the carb and i did in fact see the strong squirt of fuel underneath the cover. im not sure but it could be a Hitachi carb. to be honest i dont know but that name rings a bell. i dont trust any mechanic who works on my car other than myself and im not much of a mechanic. here are some pics of the 510 below.








































here is the datsun with hub caps, i took them off because i dont want them to get stolen and it looks awesome with out them.




this one right here has a problem of shaking and random barking. i cant fix this one.

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Really clean HL510 dude! My brother had the hatch back version in '89, and it was probably the first thing to get me into Datsuns.


Can't help you with the bogging down issue as I am not that good under the hood, but i can appreciate a clean car!

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Get us a pic of the carb please. Get a good timing light(Caftsman crome dial back) and check the timing. Remember to the disconnect the vacum advance when doing this.


Also check where the hose on the vacum advance on the dizzy goes to. Does it goto the carb(port vacum) or the manifold(manifold vacum)?



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