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1971 Datsun Motorhome


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Hey everyone I just bought a 1971 Datsun motorhome for $600 in the san francisco area when I got there it would not start the battery was dead . so i switched to my battery an it would still not start so I took out a big light it was dark an I found the coil wire was off. Then I fired the Datsun motorhome up. an I had it towed home.


Now I find out that the Datsun will not go into gear when it is started. It makes a grinding sound an will not go into gear.


Dose this sound like a clutch adjustment??

Needs a new clutch An were would I get one

Or would it be a manul tranny replacement with a used one


I did not know much about cars till i turned 45 last year... I think I can do this... I can ask help from my cousin if I have to .


I bought a 1973 Datsun P/U but i do not know how to post Ocis. can some one add them for me if I email them to someone. My family is tryin to ruin my life an dose not want me to have any fun an try to block me from learning computer.


I am learning to to do bodywork an hope to drive my 73 P/U to the next Santa Clare meet up if i can makes the brakes safe!!

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Ditto on the slave cylinder. Easy enough, get someone inside it, have them push the clutch while you look underneath at the arm sticking out of the bellhousing, see if it moves when clutch is depressed. Make sure you block the wheels and don't have the motorhome roll over you, of course.


And yes, if that's a 521 motorhome, I definitely want pics. Don't think I've ever seen one of those, though I have seen 620 mhs.

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A 71 (521) motorhome would be really rare and great to see!


I am with these guys on on slave cylinder or even the master cylinder. If it is a 71 and hasn't been messed with much, I would bet the rubber bits need to be replaced. This is an easy thing for you to do and a rebuild kit is not expensive.


You can download the shop manual for this truck for FREE if yo haven't yet. Ratsun member Mike Klotz has these available for all on his website. Once again you rock for this service Mike!


Scroll down to the 521 manual on this link!

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You will need to join Photobucket, it's easy, fast and FREE. Here's how to post on line pictures and albums


The 71, like most Datsuns, uses a hydraulic clutch, somewhat like hydraulic brakes. It has a master cylinder that pushes fluidd through hard lines to the slave which turns it into mechanical motion to work the clutch. If it's been sitting the slave may be leaking and the fluid may have leaked out. Under the hood in front of the driver will be the brake master and the clutch master. The clutch master is smaller and furthest to the right as viewed from the front. Fill and keep full with brake fluid. The slave is bolted to the bell housing just below and behind the starter on the pass side. Probably easiest to get at from underneath. There will be a bleeder nipple on it. Pump the clutch several times and hold down and open the bleeder. Close and raise clutch peddle, press down on clutch, open bleeder... repeat until clear brake fluid comes out. Do not let the master reservoir run out of fluid.


This is most likely the problem but if not the hydraulic fluid is likely many years past needing replacement anyway so no harm done..

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No, no, you're not a loser. You're on Ratsun, though those terms could be mutually inclusive at times! Just look at kami! ;D Just kidding. You can send them to my email if you want and I'll throw them up on my server then send you a link to post in the thread. fastdatsun at yah00.com

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Thanks everyone I am going to look at the slave cylinder. Is there a RATSUN member I can email the OICS to to people can see them tonight. Then I will learn to post my own OICS. i am A LOSER I can not figure it out.


How can you be a looser? You already figured out oics. Some long time members haven't worked that out yet.... :lol: Photobucket is easy enough. The more you work with it the easier it becomes. You simply store your picture there and tell Ratun or any other site where it is and they take care of everything. Years ago I joined Photobucket and never used it. I saw everyone else posting great pictures and that gave me the kick I needed to learn something new. Well Maybe I was luck but I got it the first try! And it's even easier today with all the upgrades they've done to it. You CAN do it.

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Hey, I figured out photobucket and I'm, well, a year or two ahead of you so it aint just the youngster that can figure it out. And no, you are not a loser....you got a datto :fu: :hyper:

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It's in fairly good shape for a fortyone year old motorhome.

The only one I have seen up close in person was dismantled to make a flatbed diesel out of it.

They usually sit in a field somewhere and get used a couple times a year till they won't start anymore, then they rot there for another decade or two till someone from ratsun buys it for cheap and makes a flatbed out of it. :lol: :lol: :lol:

Well most of them go strait to the scrap yard. :(

I would agree that it likely needs an engine upgrade, but that would be up to you I think.

Did you save it from a scrap yard?

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