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Hi Ratsun.net I'm new here and I just bought me another 720. I've had a few 620's and this is my second 720 my first being a 1980 model. I bought it because it was in good shape a little rust here and there but thats what life is like in the northwest rust is a part of life. The skid plates are all virgin and the wiring harness hasn't been hacked so I went for it. but it doesn't stay running. It runs decent enough but on a slight uphill grade it just falls on it's face and dies it restarts sometimes with a little effort, so I replaced the fuel filter. I'm new to the Z22 and will check the far left fuse for the exhaust side coils. I pulled the carb because I was supposed to get a rebuilt from a guy who hasn't come thru. So I am looking at the webers now as well the Weber site says 34DGEC and I saw it recommended to use the 32/36 and stay the hell away from the 34/34. That all said it has 229k on the clock and I have poked around but I can't find a rebuild kit for the Z22 or for the carb anybody know where I can locate such things or what a painless swap is from the Z22? What I mean by painless is straight swap no motor mt changing or exhaust or any of that. I would kinda like to keep the 22 even though it's only a 3 year motor and the 24 is a little larger. Unless someone has a good argument not to use the 22 any info would be greatly appreciated. I like to go wheelin but the primary use is commuting so reliability and economy are key factors for me. Another question is I had I think 3 hard lines on the carb that were not plugged or connected but one was are some of the metal vacuum lines on the carb unused?

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Some Hitachi carbs for the Z22/Z24 will have 2 0r 3 hardlines plugged on the carb, basically relative to year, emissions/locale.

Go with the 32/36....most likely the Hitachi is worn out, don't waste your time with it.

Z22 is a good block....bore it out and slap an L head on it

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